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    I completely understand the tie that is there. His family is actually pretty cool until any of this $hi, i mean crap comes up. His mother has really come around but always seems to have a hidden agenda, go figure. He husband supports me in all that i and we do. It's just this great big elephant steps into the room every so often.

    There are clues everywhere. ( okay that was creepy) At a funeral, he was suprised that someone said Jehovah and they were not a witness. He was also suprised that my mother or family for that matter never has questioned his faith. He was suprised at my fathers' knowledge of the bible. He was suprised that I give my mother flowers on my birthday because of all the sacrifices she has made for me to be able to be where i am today and that i am thankful for her wonderful gift of friendship. He was suprised that he is loved and hugged and kissed by my family as if he has always been there.

    Again, this man is wonderful, and i can actually say that after almost 3 years of marriage and total 5 year history. He tried to tell me again on that faithful night that it was due to the fact that he was raised a witness that he didn't hit me, cheat on me, that he didn't run with a rough crowd. I politely explained that that was all due to the fact that he was a good person and had a good raising. Oh well...the journey continues.

  • 4mylove

    Thanks Younglove! I keep telling myself that what will happen will. I will continue to love him and his family regardless. They are great people.

  • blueviceroy

    I believe it says in the Bible that a man gives up his parents and becomes one flesh with his wife pretty early on in there around ohh genesis and god certainly doesnt want families broken

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    Thank you Blue!! I think he feels this, but family is family. Actually my mom and law and i are very similar. We're both willing to do just about anything for our family, difference is I won't compromise who I am. Like i said before, great people, just imprisoned.

  • LeslieV

    First welcome to the board. I love that expression "the famous knock heard round the world." I think I will steal it.

    When we are raised in the cult you are brainwashed into believing that it is the right way to think. You do not even question what has been told to you. I also had no idea that anyone else used the name Jehovah. We were lead to believe that only JW's use that name, that is one of the identifying marks of true religion. SO as you can image we were told that no other church uses it. Imagine my surprise when I walked into a church and they were singing a song about Jehovah. We were also taught that the true religion is hated by everyone. That if you are persecuted it is a sign of true religion. What I found out is that most people really could care less about JW's. They just view them as another fundamental church.

    One other thing, It doesn't matter how old we are, all of us want our parents acceptance. You husband just wants his parents to love him, and acknowledgement.

    Glad you are here with us.

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    Very nice to meet you. I understand my husbands situation because i'm very close to my family and I think my world would fall apart if they weren't a part of it. I think it's harder now for my husband because he sees this in my family. He has another brother that he also hadn't been keeping in touch with and I've made sure they check on eachother as often as possible. He also is inactive at the time. I sure he hopes that one day this will all be better just as much as i do if not more.

  • 4mylove

    Okay that felt naughty Sweetstuff.

  • WT=watchtrouble

    4mylove, Thank You for sharing your story. Please stay strong. I hope that things get better with each passing day.

    I am glad you came to this site. Life sucks at times and we all must live and learn and be strong and courageous. You will be a stronger person because of this experience.

    Take Care

  • anewme

    That was a good story. You have everything to gain by sticking to your resolve not to have anything to do with the JWCult. I hope your husband gets professional help to see the unhealthy influence his parents and siblings have on him.


  • Honesty

    Put hubby in front of the computer and make him sit through a few sessions of learning what the Wacktower has printed as food from God over the years.

    That'll open his eyes... maybe

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