We've lost so much.

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  • unique1

    Yeah, you should send a gift to his school for his birthday every year. A cookie boquet with enough for his class or something like that. Mom couldn't stop you then. Who is she to judge really? Ex stripper?? How haughty the JW's become.

    Auntie Twinkle is the cutest name ever. My heart goes out to you.

  • Vernon Williams
    Vernon Williams


    Hugs from Missouri.

    The WT holds those we love hostage. They do this on purpose to control us. Part of breaking free from this grip of spiritual tyrany is loss....of one kind or another. You and your nephew are paying a high cost for freedom, now.

    However, time is on your side and you have "broken trail" for your nephew to follow. When he fully understands the reality of all of this, there will be a backlash against the ones that promoted this emotional atrocity.

    So, all you can do, now, is feel the pain and keep the hope.

    With you in all this,


  • shell69

    Thank you friends;

    I'd send a present, but his mother did land a wealthy brother and got married moving away with him last year, I believ there in wales somewhere, but I have no address.

    Its a long and ugly story.

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