Which is your favourite anti-JW web site?

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  • NewYork44M

    This is one of the very first websites I found. The site indicates it has been around since 1995. I am sure I found it soon after it opened.


  • Hermano

    Free minds is awesome.

    The quotes site was awesome before the bastards shut it down. Another attempt at hiding the truth from people who claim to preach the truth. Makes me so f***ing mad to think about that!

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    A..J.W.R.B - Associated Jehovah's Witnesses for Reform against blood transfusions. This group really killed the blood issue for me, and made me change my view and turn against the Watchtower. No other issues are discussed on this site.

  • JK666
  • jwfacts

    This is hard as the reasons that first opens an active JWs eyes to the truth about the WTS are vast and varied. The most effective site can depend on what is important to the person.

    Some of the eye-openers and hence relevant sites are:

    BeyondJW was the site that I first found and it knocked me off my feet, I sent an email of appreciation I was so grateful for the information provided.

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    Thanks for all the suggestions.

    I should have said that I'm looking for a good site that I can suggest to an old JW friend. He emailed me a couple of days ago, after not having heard from him for almost four years, asking how I was. I rang him last night and we chatted for more than an hour.

    Anyway, he's only just starting to ask questions, and I don't want to frighten him with anything too 'radical' ... !

    nvrgnbk, interesting quote, but I don't think I'll send him to a Satanist site.

    bigwilly, much as I value JWD, I don't think he's ready yet for threads on Strip clubs or Gay Sexual Behavior ... !

    I'm really looking for factual, information sites, rather than discussion forums.

    GGG, funnily enough, Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses was one of the first sites I looked at. Yes, it was very gentle.

    AlphaOmega, CARM looks good, I don't remember seeing it before.

    Hermano, don't forget the Quotes site lives on, in all the various mirrors that were set up following the original's demise.

    Jwfacts, useful list, thanks.


    Freeminds is another source of excellent material. I'll always be appreciative to Randy for the help he gave me.

    Having said that, I think I'll suggest Beyond JWs and AJWRB (thanks skeeter and Witness 007) to my friend.

    Thanks for all your input. I really enjoyed going through all these sites again.

    PS: Another couple I remember: www.607v587.com, has good information, but it's hard to read! And "The Truth vs. the truth" (http://libertyunbound.com/archive/2003_10/cox-truth.html) by Professor Stephen Cox.

  • Mulan

    First one I went to was on AOL, a JW discussion group. I found many doubters there.

    Then I found H2O from browsing around on www.freeminds.org. Then I found this one.

    JWO was awful I thought. Slippy's was fun. Welcome Wagon is nice too.

    JWD is the one that was my therapy though, and will always be more special because it took me through the bad times.

  • WTWizard

    OK, I will list them in order of preference:

    (1) Six Screens of the Watchtower. That is very direct in exposing the lies contained in the Watchtower Society, and is one I would recommend every potential baptismal candidate to read through before getting baptized.

    (2) Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses. That has many links, including one to this forum, that are of help.

    (3) Freeminds. This one has many stories, and I would definitely recommend any parents with children that are contemplating baptism to read these stories before involving their children in that religion. It also has selected articles from this forum.

    (4) Watchtower Information Service. This is often advertised on banner ads on this forum, and has many high-profile questions answered. You can leave a comment; be advised that there is occasional foul language in some of the comments.

    (5) Watch the Tower. That one is good for secret documents.

    (6) Watchtower.cc . That also has a lot of secret documents and embarrassment for the Watchtower Society.

    (7) Silentlambs. That is geared more toward legal problems like the pedophile issue. Anyone who has children and is thinking of joining this organization, particularly those who fell for the Catholic scandals and think Jehovah's Witnesses are pedophile-free or that their problems are promptly and effectively handled ought to head there first.

    Hopefully this list will get longer, as new Web sites compete with the existing ones. There could be any number of additional ones yet under construction and not yet open to the public. I am hoping that some start coming up once the Kool-Aid Puketowers start coming out, just to report on how that's working.

  • IT Support
    IT Support

    Thanks Mulan and WTWizard.

    Guess what I just remembered? The Links section on JWD ...

    Thanks Angharad and Lady Lee.

  • Open mind
    Open mind


    Because it says it's run by current JWs. The gradualism of it allowed me to look at just one issue, blood, without having to throw everything away at once.

    Open Mind

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