Which is your favourite anti-JW web site?

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    IT Support

    There a loads of anti-JW sites out there.

    If you had to choose just one as being The Best (apart from JWD, of course!), which one would you pick? Perhaps which was most helpful when you were leaving? Or if someone asked you now for information about the 'religion,' where would you recommend they look?

    And why do you think it is best?

  • nvrgnbk

    I don't know if it qualifies as a site, but I like this...

    Why we should stick to the original, tried and true, shock method of
    Jehovah's Witnesses and other such mindless entities.

    By John Constantine (Frater X)

    Subtitle: A reply to "jehova2.txt" by Dryada

    DA: Matt (Vincent Black Shadow) has uploaded a nice "theatre piece"
    DA: on how to get rid of Jehovah's Witnesses. Though I dare say
    DA: of his suggestions will work, and they do sound like they could
    DA: be fun, I personally would not recommend most of his approach,
    DA: for lots of reasons.

    DA: They are so "well meaning" and pleasant people, in their own
    DA: disturbed way, that I find the suggestion of "Matt" to be
    DA: counterproductive and occassionally racist in their consequences
    DA: (since most of the JW's are black).

    "Well meaning"? "Pleasant"? These people are trying to
    others into their slavish morality. They are the avatars of a
    malignant deity.
    They represent, besides sexual repression and censorship,
    Christianity, the
    malignant faith responsible for the deaths of millions in the
    Many are still slain every day in body and soul by repressive
    Christian moralit
    y. In Blakes words, they've come to my door to "bind with thistles
    and briars
    my joys and desires." fuck em.
    Would associate yourself with a neo-nazi group simply because
    they say they
    are reformed? How much patience would you have if a rep. of Hitler
    showed up
    on your property? Jehovahs Witnesses and other Christian nutcases
    are exactly
    that. The only excuse that can be made for them is that they have
    been hypno-
    tized into their despicable reality-tunnel. They are pitiful wretches
    opposed to well meaning and pleasant people.

    DA:ARE PERSONALLY A RACIST. (Please, Goddess, let this be the one
    DA:time someone understands what I am talking about when I talk
    DA:about society's racist underpinnings and how we can all
    DA: innoently set the ball rolling when we don't think about NOT
    Da: setting it rolling REAL HARD.) We're talking about social
    DA: results, not personal intent.

    Jehovah's Witnesses are some of the most pitiful victims of rascism.
    Christians dragged them from their homes and forced their sick
    religion onto
    them. Now they are free and spreading the dogma which lead to
    their enslavement
    Yes, they are pitiable. But we must pity them in the same way we
    pity a
    gangrenous limb. We remove it with sorrow and pain, but remove it,
    and remove
    it fast we must.

    DA: The best one and least misleading,
    DA: I thought, was inviting them to an orgy. Though I am definitely
    DA: not fond of Christians, I wouldn't want to do anything to them
    DA: that I would be embarrassed by, or give them legitimate food for
    DA: stories about us "devil worshippers".

    Perhaps a good flash might help to shock them into a re-evaluation
    of their pitiful, worthless, misplaced faith. Say to them "Show me
    Jehovah!" When they can't produce him say "I show you Priapus!"
    into our pants and producing an erect cock (or making some
    gesture if you are female.)

    DA: Also, I have heard,
    DA: that some people have used the "Church of Bob" as an
    DA: excuse to attend festivals and behave abominably. The people
    DA: doing this are not true pagans, in the sense that they have no
    DA: real or unreal belief in or devotion to anything.

    I see. Just as the Pope has the authority to determine who is and is
    a "true" christian you have the authority to determine who is and is
    not a
    "true" pagan.

    I have successfully discouraged both Mormons (who tend to be
    white, better coached, and a little more difficult to discourage)
    and JW's. There are several techniques that work fine and are
    not so extreme. I have also heard (and been) some stories that
    are fascinating and sounded like a lot of "good clean" fun:

    DA: Technique # 2:  IF YOU ARE AT ALL A BIBLE SCHOLAR (which
    many of
    DA: us are!), you can tell them about parts of the NEW TESTAMENT,
    DA: Gospel, no less, that appear to justify slavery and subjugation.

    Yes, ask them why they have adopted their former masters faith.

    DA: This takes longer than Technique 1, but can be lots of fun if
    DA: your bored and cocky enough, and want to do your good deed for
    DA: the day. This doesn't work too well on Mormons---they're
    DA: cynical, well-drilled propagandists (usually accompanied by a
    DA: church deacon), not the wide-eyed innocents that the Witnesses
    DA: send out.

    This can be fun but remember the ony book these people ever read
    is the
    bible. They have a quote to justify everything they do and arguing
    them is "Like pissing up a rope." This is a good technique if you are
    public and can't manage anything with a significant shock value.

    DA: Technique # 3: Answer the door, and tell them to leave, and look
    DA: ANGRY (ignoring the children they often have with them). Be
    DA: impolite. Both Mormons and JW's will go away and not come
    DA: It also works on traveling salesmen. I do this well and I am a 5
    DA: foot tall female.

    Yes, but we must let them know WHY we are angry! Remember they
    are there to
    ENSLAVE you! No matter how you pretty it up that is what it boils
    down to.


  • DannyHaszard


    Free Minds, Inc. a non-profit organization
    keeping an eye on the Watchtower (Jehovah's Witnesses)
    We are not affiliated with any religious organization

  • minimus


  • bigwilly

    That's tuff! JWD has always been here and definitely has the membership to keep going which is nice.

    As far as others;

    I actually got my feet wet for the first time on JWO and still have a soft spot for the shitpit

    Slippy's was much more social and a great way to have fun with other exdubs, but alas it has passed away

    Thom's rocked for along time (I have 8,715 posts there), but has since fizzled into non-existence.

    I've been to a few others like JWF, but I don't know the posters there as well and the feel is different.

    Eman's board (Witness Welcome Wagon) is fun and has a good group of posters, so it gets my vote for the time being.

  • GoingGoingGone

    The first site I really read when I first left the JWs was Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses. http://members.aol.com/beyondjw/bj.htm

    It was very open and honest and non-confrontational. Exactly what I needed when I first dared read anything anti-JW.


  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    I agree with going going gone. Great site. Beyond Jehovah's Witnesses. he pasted the url ... you guys should check it out.

    Honest. No hidden agendas. Not preaching anything else. Very good.

    The Oracle

  • Mum

    freeminds.org - it's the one I recommend to everyone who is interested in helping JW family members because it has links to all kinds of other sites with the info it lacks.

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Although he might have Russells grave sight wrong, who really knows where Russell is buried. I think this guy essay is darn good! He has done a good job connecting the dots with Russell and some of the WTBTS doctrines with pagan influnences . http://www.theforbiddenknowledge.com/hardtruth/dirtywatchtowersecrets.htm

    I do like Freeminds and they exposed a lot of WTBTS.

    Hey thanks for your post, I am going back to re-read some of this information. See whats new at freeminds and all the rest of them!

  • bigdreaux

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