Meet with elders because "I have left Jehovah"

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  • oompa

    My inclination would be to ignore it if you are getting on well without them, esp. as far a family/friends. If you really think they could d/f somehow if you don't call them back. Then call them, but do not really SAY anything. ASK them who has slandered you by saying you have "left Jehovah," and that you would like the opportunity to confront the individual in order to deny it.

    There---you have now instilled worry if not fear in the elders mind. Now he may have to actually do something "by the book" You have not acutally said you have NOT left Jehovah, but that you could if if a lying slimeball is produced.

    what fun...oompa

    Oh, and you are so hurt by the whole matter that you can't bring yourself to even meet with them.

  • Sunspot

    I am also in favor of telling them what your brother said. I was tired of serving the Governing Body and left the whole mess behind almost eight years ago. You do not need them OR their "approval"....because THEY sure do not have GOD's approval!



  • calico

    I've worried about getting the same kind of phone call It's been about 2 years since I quit going--I'm beginning to think that I was never important enough in the first place ( not a pioneer, husband not an elder, never answered too much, not out in service too often) Hopefully they will go on ignoring me! YES!


    "You have left Jehovah.".....Pack your bags,someone wants to take you on a Guilt Trip!..Don`t bother calling back...OUTLAW

  • teela(2)

    You seem happy enough so why even bother with this. You don't have to meet or speak with the elders, take their phone calls. They have no place in your life. Leave them at the curb and drive on pass.

  • Scully

    Dammit, I get so annoyed when they equate "leaving the Watchtower" with "leaving Jehovah".

    I like to say something like "Apparently he left the congregation first, because there was no love that I could see there, so we knew they were not Jesus's true disciples."

  • Cheetos

    Big time major Dittos Rayvin.

    I pray to Jehovah too, but I refuse to include the organization (GB) in my worship, they do not deserve it all. They are only men, they do not get divine inspiration there is enough proof of that in history, anyone stupid enough to trust everything they say deserves just what they get - NOTHING!

  • ex-nj-jw

    My generic answer:

    They have no authority over you! You don't owe them anything, not an explanation, not a meeting nothing.

    Tell them to mind their business and leave you the hell alone! That's the only thing they understand!


  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    P.C. response "Ihave not left JAH! I am just going through some personal matters and as a matter of fact I feel his spirit leading me thru." Leave it at that.

    On a side note you have to love their exclusive claim to God. They can determine (even though the bible says not to judge) that you have left, or as they would like to say abandoned God, simply because you do not go to the hall. This of course begs the question, where does the bible say to find God?

  • worldtraveller

    I agree with nj-jw. In addition, get call display. Don't answer anything to do with them. or unidentified calls.

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