Did you ever choke while offering prayer?

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  • Namaste

    Being the female that I am it was a rare occasion that anyone else heard my prayers.

    Until I got a pioneer roommate. Then all of of a sudden I was "taking turns" all the time either at home or in service. Not my idea of a good time.

    I used to wish my dad would choke on a prayer once in awhile. Dinner was not eaten until he had given his evening sermon via prayer. He was known as a "long pray-er" and I'm sure many people groaned when he was called upon to pray at the meetings.

  • Hermano

    I'm really intrigued by the posts from the females. I never realized this was a problem for the females as well.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    I hated being asked to pray at the book study. Never choked, but had a lot of long pauses. Choking probably would've been a good alternative.

  • veen

    Yep, first group study after i got dunked. Last thing i expected. I knew i could never go to another group again, so i didn't. Fortunately i was undergoing a split with my fiancee at the time and i could use it as cover to stop going to meetings without too much heat.

  • bbdodger
    Tell them you offered a silent prayer. Jehovah reads your mind right?

    There's another thing that I have to get over!!! I always feel as if God is watching my every move, and He knows what I'm doing and thinking at all times.

    So much leftover crap.

    I went through a period when every time a group prayer was being given by someone and my eyes were closed, head bowed, a random thought would go through my mind completely without my control, or so I thought. It was a phrase silently spoken as a shout- "Jesus Christ was a sheep f----r!". It used to concern me and I worried I might say it out loud when I was offering the group prayer. Never did though.

    To this day, if I pray, weird random thoughts come into my head... really vile things like the what was in the above quote. When I was a kid, it was because Satan was putting those thoughts into my head, and I had to just ignore them, and realize that Jehovah was stronger. But... it doesn't explain why it still happens.

    More left over crap, I guess.

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