Did you ever choke while offering prayer?

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  • Jourles

    Of all the times I was called upon to say prayer, I only remember choking once - but it was such a big choke I totally embarrassed myself for days on end afterwards. And this one time wasn't even at the kh, it was in a home right before we were going to pre-study the WT.

    There were roughly 3 elders, their wives, and some other close friends of mine in the living room. I'd say there were around 10 of us total. Seeing that there were 3 elders there in the room, for some reason I thought I would be in the clear and not have to offer prayer before we studied the WT. Wrong. The bro who was going to conduct asked me to say prayer. Like I already admitted, I wasn't expecting this for some unknown reason. I started off and after about two sentences, I absolutely lost all thought processes in my head. I mean, it was a TOTAL BLANK. I was gasping internally for any word to get myself going again, but I couldn't come up with anything at all. It had to be literally 30-45 seconds before my mind came back from lunch. I even opened my eyes and stared at the floor with a look of bewilderment on my face while shaking my head in disbelief that I was choking right there and in a big way. I noticed in my peripheral vision the elder conducting peeking over to see what the problem was. God, it was horrible. Thankfully, nothing like this ever happened to me in the hall. But even to this day, just remembering that event makes me cower in embarrassment.

    So did any of you bros out there ever choke like this?

  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    I am not a bro! hope that is okay? Since most elders feel women should not be elders which is bull crap!

    I used to gasp at some of the prayers because they were not even spiritual. I would look around the room to see if anyone else wondered what the heck did that jerk say? And sure enough, I saw many people looking up and frowning, while the elder giving the prayer was laughing and looking around.

    Now really, do you think that prayers in public are sort of non bibical? Also, Do you think they are ritual; standing at the same time to pray, sing, set down, stand up, pray, sing, sit down, stand up sing, pray, and go home.

  • JH

    Yes, it happened a few times, that I just couldn't find the words, and made super short prayers.

    My problem was that I was nervous, and just wanted to finish the prayer the fastest possible, but this was too fast, and felt stupid.

    I always hated that guess game, not knowing who would say the prayer.


  • Hermano

    I hated the thought of being called to pray. I never got the public prayer concept. Prayer is supposed to be your innermost, heartfelt thoughts revealed to God. Why throw in a 100 or so people listening in? Oh, and then you have try to include their innermost heartfelt sentiments as well.

    And why would you be called to pray when there are three elders there? I bet they thought twice about calling on you the next time.

  • 5go
    And why would you be called to pray when there are three elders there? I bet they thought twice about calling on you the next time.

    oh come on you know why. They hate as much as we hate.

  • WTWizard

    I used to hate getting called to pray for a group, usually for field circus. Not because of choking--I felt like a hypocrite! I was supposed to pray for success, when all I wanted was a day of not-at-homes and to fog up the car windows. Perhaps I should have prayed to Satan, that he put it in everyone's hearts to slam the doors in our faces or not be at home. I should also have prayed (to Satan, of course) that every door that I did get someone interested would be fornication for me, right in front of the group. As for the worldwide work, I should have prayed to Satan that he get the Internet up and running to every single household, with full access to every apostate Web site in their languages.

    I bet that would be the last time I got hounded to offer a prayer.

  • Metamorphosis

    My pet peeve has always been those brothers who want to give a public talk during their prayer. It's like they forget they are praying to God and just start talking to the congregation. They say stuff like..."and we want to remember to be at our meetings and be in field service because this is what Jehovah wants." Um...aren't you talking to Jehovah? It happens fairly regularly....


  • ush419

    I hate being called on to pray, i can't think of anything more useless to do, what I feel inside is no ones business but mine and I damn well ain't going to share those thoughts with anyone else. You pray and for what, you never have anyone talk with you, or answer you, so it seems to be a useless endavor for a person to be involved in.

    It's kind of like you being a friend of Jehovah, oh sure, that kind of friend you can't talk to or with, you can't do anything with, have a cup of java with, a beer, a hamburger or whatever. How do you have someone as a friend when you have to do everything their way or they won't like you or your actions (which aren't in accord with their wishes). Thats not a friend by any definition. Just a bunch of hula baloo.

  • RisingEagle

    Okay, I have to tell this one. Back in the early 80's there was a youngish ms in our congo who had a secular job as a painter. I think the guy never wore a mask when applying lacquer because when he prayed his every other word was 'uh' and he droned on and on. Well the boe must have gotten tired of him so when he was sent up to announce the final song and have prayer one Sunday they must have told him to pick someone else to pray. Well, lacquer-boy picks out my dad, who was full blown depressed and must have been contemplating his own fade at that time. A collective gasp when through the congo and my dad looks back at him and says, "no." I admit I wanted to crawl under my seat at the time, but now I think my dad was the smartest guy in the room. I'm pretty sure that request was the 'stumbling block' that kept him from the congo for years.


  • Ri

    At a book study I was asked to say the prayer. I had just run out to the car and run back as fast as I could because I had forgotten a book we needed. My prayer was said with heavy breathing and trying to catch my breath in between words. The Lady who ask me to say the prayer said she had never heard anything like it. I felt really embarrassed.

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