What happens when a Witness does not vote in Australia

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  • SirNose586
    If you don't vote don't you get a Boomerang in the head by the Prime Minister?

    LOLz...yeah, if you can get him off his inner tube. "Oi! Mr. Prime Minister!" (Simpsons joke)

    Maybe they send Lord Humungus after them....

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Crocodile Dundee for P.M!!!!!!! Who's with me...."thats not a policy...THIS is a policy!"

    or DAME EDNA she could be the next Margret Thatcher.

  • sass_my_frass

    My first federal election too! Last election happens to be a big memory for me. I'd just had a big family event and had decided to tell Mr Frass that we're over. As soon as I saw him I realised it was the happiest I'd felt in months. We drove up to parliament house and hoped that baby John was making the most of his last few hours in the chair. I think I might have some latent political apathy in me in that I don't think it matters very much which bunch of nuffnuffs runs the goverment, just as long as the same bunch don't get too comfortable. You can't let them take us for granted.

    I'm hoping for a change, but then, three years ago it was looking good too.

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