Interesting announcement made at the Assembly

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  • steviedances

    From the time of Christ to today millions into billions of Christians have been murdered, tortured, imprisoned, harassed etc.

    Therefore the great tribulation is great because so lengthy (2000 years or so in duration), also because of the huge number of people who have suffered, and thirdly because of its degree of viciousness.

    So yes, for some 2000 years there has been great tribulation. In the Sudan, other Arabic lands and some places in Southeast Asia it is continuing this very second. There is a scripture indicating that it began with Christ leaving the earth, none saying after 1914 or the like.

    As to JWs being under tribulation, no, it's more like the Watchtower Society heads who keep pro-pedophile policies going who are under tribulation and rightly so by the Courts, Police, those of us upset with the wrongs and injustices they perpetrate.

  • Sunspot

    Same old- same old just to make the JWs think they are being told "sumthin' speshul. And yes, Outlaw, we DID hear that back in the 60'-70's when WE thought WE were beomg told sumthin' SPESHUL back then too!

    It worked THEN and it works NOW.....on those blind and gullible enough to put any stock in it.



  • greendawn

    All these are sensationalist announcements made by the agents of the FDS to keep the JWs on edge and in line, to keep up their motivation to preach and sell their products as well as the fear of imminent doom if they stray from the directions of the FDS.

    Or at times they are the result of the wishful thinking of individual JWs that are yearning for the myth of a paradise earth courtesy of the WTS. It will never happen that way.

    The whole WTS operation is organised around this fear of armageddon this fear of God which is of course not a healthy approach.

  • truthsearcher
    He was one of those people who wanted everyone to think that he was smart, so he would always come up with something off the wall then explain it via some convoluted explanation.

    I'm sorry but I have to say that this sounds like the Governing Body and Writing Department to me.

    The really sickening part was that this congregation (average IQ-47) ate it up! Audible oohs and ahhs

    It is sad when people are so easily led astray.

  • WTWizard

    That is an ongoing scam that they pull every year. If the Great Tribulation isn't already in progress, then for sure it's coming within a few months (or, as the case of this past June, before that month was out).

    For those who might fall for that scam and think it's imminent and they can join and stay for a few days or weeks at most, this is the order that according to their own sources remaining prophesies must happen in:

    • First, Peace and Security. This has to be declared by the major powers of the world. Progress: We still have terror, war in Iraq, threat of war in Iran and North Korea, China is putting out crap products that could spell trouble, street crime in major cities that hasn't really gone away since the 1850s, threats of another recession, and the threat that the regulatory agencies right here in the USA are going to make a dictatorship, a tyranny, right here on this "land of the free". I, for one, call that poor progress. Not fulfilled; there is no way we could be in the Great Tribulation now.
    • Second, Babylon the Great has to fall. That means all the churches have to go defunct by order of law. True, churches are going down for money issues and corrupt leaders, but I have yet to see the kind of mass extinction of churches that would be expected if the government was destroying them. Most major churches are thriving. Not fulfilled.
    • We then need to see the government turn on the Witnesses. Then, and only then, will we actually be in the Great Tribulation.

    All this means that we have many years before, even according to their own timetable, the Tribulation is coming. And, even if they do cry peace and security, there is no guarantee that anything out of the ordinary is going to happen. If the governments do liquidate all the regulators that are holding us back now, we could easily get ourselves into true peace and security via the free markets. If God were to destroy man at that point, it would be because He is afraid that they are about to succeed in ruling themselves and that's something He cannot stand. All that would do would be to keep man from solving the real problems with real time solutions. And that would underscore what a hateful Tyrant Jehovah actually is. Would that bring praise and honor to Him, as the Tribulation is supposed to? I hope not.

  • uninformed

    The old teaching re: the tribulation was like this:

    The Great Tribulation started in 1914, but was "cut short" in 1918 on "account of the Holy Ones", that is to say that the GT would have gone in to Armageddon unless the days were 'cut short', thereby giving time for the gathering of the rest of the (holy ones) 144,000.

    This teaching was changed in about 1967 or 68.

    The most pressing reason was that if it was delayed on account of the Holy Ones, or rather till they were gathered, then it SHOULD HAVE RESUMED IN 1935 WHEN THE 'SEALING' OF THE 144,000 WAS COMPLETE.

    However, that has changed too. How convenient.

    Any one who believes these assholes are Bible 'Scholars' needs to go take their medicine.

    Two and a half years out and happy.

    Brant Jones

  • FairMind

    I’ve always thought of the Great Tribulation being a terrible worldwide situation from which escape seemed impossible. IMO these things would be economies collapsing, internal strife (terrorist attacks (?), threat of nuclear destruction, world threatening environmental issues, etc. Kind of like the road we seem to currently be on. I personally can see where we are approaching the stage where only God can save us. But, are we there yet? Not quite.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    That "special announcement" sounds like the 1 Thessalonians 5:3 fiasco all over again! Whenever it is that they are saying: Peace and security! ..... We were supposed to be "suddenly destroyed" since 1986 (international year of peace). Here we are some 11 years later.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Oops! I meant 21 years later.

  • heathen

    Unless your mom shows you something in print then you can assume it was just another rumor started by members. True Daniel 11-12 sounds as if the struggle between of king of north and south starts the time of great distress. That just leaves j-dubs scratching their head as to who the king of the north is . I do believe the conspiracy theories of a global tyranical government being implemented and does look like the 666 beast of revelation , in fact they are always mentioning when listening to alex jones broadcast .

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