Interesting announcement made at the Assembly

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  • free2beme

    No, your mother is a liar and trying to manipulate you through fear to come back.

  • Iron Rod
    Iron Rod

    Observador and Eclipse,

    I'm glad that you both enjoyed my anecdote.I would have responded sooner, but the combination of an odd work schedule and a very nosey JW wife makes it difficult for me to get on the forum consistantly. quick example of this Elders vast intellect:One night at the Book Study,he posed the question "Do we believe in Pre-Destination?" My wife raises her hand,he calls on her,she states confidently "NO!" He immediately says "Yes we do!" My wife is like "We do?!!!" He says "Yes,because the Bible foretold that Jehovah would gather his Witnesses together in the last days and that they would do a great preaching work. So in that sense, we believe in Pre-Destination." Can you imagine having a new study at the meeting with you and some trying-to-be-too-smart-by-half Elder says something wacky like that? Then you would have to spend your next study with the person explaining that "No, JW's don't believe in Pre-Destination. Yes, there is a good reason why Elder Doofus said we do. (He is a doofus!) Anyway, that's just the tip of the iceberg with that guy. Hope you enjoyed that Theocratic experience!

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