Rutherford's last book Children 1941-"Don't have kid's till after Armegedon

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  • undercover

    Even though that book came out in the 40s, the thought of not having children because Armageddon was so close was still prevelant in the early 60s. I remember how the Society used to paint a bleak picture for anyone with kids or babies and having to deal with them during the Great Tribulation.

    It was enough to scare me...a little kid. I went through my entire childhood fearing the day Armageddon was to start and having to flee our home and hide in the woods and I bought into the prayer that it not befall us during winter. When I got old enough to think about marriage, it had influenced me enough to not want kids.

    Later, in the 80s, the Society tried pushing that thought again...and met with some resistance. That was the one time that I actually experienced more than a few people speak against the counsel from the Society. The dubs will buy the Armageddon bit, the 1914 bit, the Discreet Slave bit, but mess with people's natural desire to have children and they done gone too far...

  • james_woods

    I have a question -

    Given that we all know how boozed up and spaced out the "Judge" was out there practically under house arrest in the mansion - can we honestly say that he really wrote much of anything after about 1939?

    Or did his doxy secretarial staff cook it up in his name while he was tossing back the morning's first highball?

  • Awakened at Gilead
    Awakened at Gilead
    mess with people's natural desire to have children and they done gone too far...

    They messed me up.. I never had wanted to have kids after they came out with the famous "Responsible Childbearing" articles in 1989. Now I DO want kids. Hopefully its not to late for me.

  • james_woods

    AaG, they really do seem to have this weird "love - hate" relationship with the idea of having kids.

    I think I have seen this flip at least 3 times - sometimes it is "wait until the paradise earth - the end is so close".

    The next thing, they seem to realize that kids are the only practical source of increase in numbers - so out come the articles on natural childbirth, breast feeding, parenting, etc. The first flip to this side came, interestingly enough, right after the blowup of the 1975 fiasco prophecy.

  • NewYork44M

    In the 1950s when my parents had children they were chastised by some in the congregation. "The end is so close how could you have children." Some of my parents friends did not have Children because of the "children's" book.

    If my parents were still alive, they would soon be seing their great grand child. And unfortunataly they also missed seeing their 4th grandchild.

  • jstalin
    for the work in the remaining MONTHS before Armagedon."

    It's only been about 800 months.... it's still very close!!

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    I also know someone who was going to wait till after the big A, now she has 4 kids by 3 different dads, yup thats the way to do it.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    According to Brother Mcmillan's book "Faith on the March" Rutherford had a stern un-loving Father which no doubt caused Rutherford mentaly, to have his own demons, shunning his son Malcom with whom he never had a relationship....could he have in turn reflected this attitude in his no kid's propaganda....why should others be happy with children if he wasn't...or his own Father wasn't.

  • VM44

    Rutherford's statments made in the book show that he simply didn't know what he was talking about!

  • oompa

    Is this actually named CHILDREN or is there more?..........thanks.....That quote is a prophecy stating only a few more years remain....I am adding it to my e-mail to my elder/dad about the many other false prophecies.....thanks........oompa

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