Departing for just a little while

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  • LearningToFly

    You all have been such a great source of validation to me for the reasons I left the cult. Yes.. I do call it a cult now.. I didnt before coming here. Much healing has taken place in my personal life with this recognition. I find though, that with so much mental stimulation regarding the past, I find myself in a place I am not happy to be in. I am much to sensitive right now to deal with everything here. Obviously I haven't reached the stage of healing that so many have here. I thought I had.

    For my own safety right now, I need a break, and will take one. I am so drawn to come here, feeling for the first time in my life I am understood. But, there is so much in me not resolved.. I have learned this since being here. It is truly a good thing. I am not sorry for a minute I found this site. I do find myself at this point spiraling into a sad depression.. angry.. sad.. reminiscing a little to much.. and not able to leave this site behind once I sign off.

    Anyhow.. lots of love to you all.. your all lovely people.. I will be back soon.

    Tata for now!


  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee


    Take as much time as you need for yourself.

    You have my number.


  • bigdreaux

    learning, i'm sad to see you go. just know, i think you rock, and i hope you figure it all out. love ya!

  • Gopher

    You're drawn here, like a moth to a flame perhaps?

    I enjoyed your posts! Drop in anytime.

    Yes we all need to step back at times, no question about it. (Except for nvrgnbk, but he's got amazing endurance and is impervious to carpal-tunnel syndrome.)

  • nvrgnbk

    You are not alone in your feelings, LTF.

    It was no accident that you found this place.

    Please know that you have touched our lives and you are important.

  • Gretchen956

    There's a lot of stuff here. A lot of people who first come here just lurk for a year or two and don't post until they are ready. You jumped right in. So it gets overwhelming. Don't feel bad. Just take a break, sort it out, and come back and see us.

    Take care,


  • SnakesInTheTower


    I will be back soon.

    I sure hope so...we appreciate you here....

    do you remember the saying "if you love something, set it free; if it comes back it's yours, if it doesn't come back, it never was..... hunt it down and kill it."?

    oh, sorry, thats from the Book of Snakes chapter 25 verse 2........ JUST KIDDING......

    be free my friend, be free. .. come back anytime...maybe one day I can drag myself away from here...but not likely any time soon.

    Snakes ()

  • Life Is Grand
    Life Is Grand

    All the best to you LTF!!


  • jaguarbass

    Hurry back

  • RollerDave

    LTF, you go do what you need to,

    Don't worry about us, sniff, we'll be fine, sniff sniff...

    J/K, we'll be fine and still here.


    So now the kewl thing to do will be to quote the 'book of [yourself]'?

    The Book of Roller, eh?

    I think mine would be the Book of Snacks.


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