As A Witness, What Were Your Aspirations?

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  • forsharry

    exactly. Dying on top. Maybe a lazy or cowardly way to go, but I'm sure of you felt crushed by the dub hand of 'light yoke.' :)

  • yknot

    Be a bold and zealous proclaimer, and of course to live through Armageddon, bury the dead and do a lot of gardening.

    Of course I veered directions. Reserving my bold and zealousness for the appropriate time. Decided to marry and raise children. I still am working on my horticulture/botany skills. Armageddon-who knows when but if not in my lifetime then that is fine with me. HIS WILL not mine.


  • minimus

    Hey, Para. Or maybe you should play with some werewolves.

  • Maddie

    As a JW convert, I so much wanted all my family to come into "The Truth" because I was beside myself with the fear that they would all die at Armageddon. I once heard a young woman pioneer say that it would be easier if she died faithful before the end as it would be much easier! How tragic is that?


  • Thinking of Leaving
    Thinking of Leaving

    I wanted to marry a nice "brother" and be active in the "truth", I never wanted to pioneer, yuck, can't imagine going on service almost every single day, that would give me nightmares

  • minimus

    Hmmm, I guess we were fatalists. We wanted the inevitable, to die. BUT we had to die faithful. Any screwups could mean eternal extinction.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    I got a chunk of hot dog stuck in my throat once when I was a pioneer. I "aspirated" it all over the back seat of the Service Overseers car.

    Now for the real answer. I've always loved travel. I've always seen the opportunities that being filthy rich could provide. As a 3rd gen dub kid, I also knew if you weren't in full time service, you were pond scum. So here was my twisted dub daydream.

    1. Get filthy rich (not sure how).
    2. Move to a foreign country and pioneer but also have a great time exploring the country without the constraints of pioneer poverty. Not too extravagant though. Do nice things for those in need.
    3. Get tired of that country and move to the next.
    4. Lather, rinse, repeat, until the great bird feeding frenzy comes.

    Open Mind

  • jaguarbass

    I was raised a witnoid, never cared for the knowledge it brought me. But from 72 to 75, I took it serious like a heart attack. My aspiration was to survive armegeddon and live in the new world. During that time I full time pioneered was a ministerial servant and gave a lot of hour talks.

    Jan 1, 76 Something happened to my drive and ambition, I just cant put my finger on it.

  • Honesty
    As A Witness, What Were Your Aspirations?


    Then I found out and only wanted OUT...

    and FREE

  • oompa

    When I was younger, I just really wanted to nail this hot pioneer sister, which I finally did!

    My dad was an elder from day one, and it kind of turned me off to it and never had it as a goal. So as a professional underacheiver, I told the elders that I was going to do my best to be a long term REGULAR PUBLISHER just so they could do their job. If we all became elders, they would have no one to shepard!

    Big goal, but someone had to do it.....oompa

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