As A Witness, What Were Your Aspirations?

by minimus 31 Replies latest jw friends

  • minimus

    Thank you, Oompa.

  • JH

    My aspirations were, "don't ask what I can do for the congregation, but ask what the congregation can do for me".

  • WTWizard

    What I was hoping was to get married (they shot that down in a big hurry) and maintain a nice, steady service average in the 20s per month (they kept hounding me to pioneer, even insinuating that it was "Pioneer...or DIE!"). If being a hounder was in the cards, I would find myself meeting the necessary requirements without too much trouble; if not, I would not. And no, I did not want to go to Beth Hell, even though I was hounded about it until I turned 35.

    Now, I hope to do the most damage in exposing the Watchtower Society that I can. My aspirations now are to become Emperor Class by my first anniversary and become a Supreme One within three years.

  • bluebell

    I didn't have any aspiriations! i'd already been told i wasn't elders wife material! good job i left hey?

  • minimus

    What's "elder's wife material''?


    I wanted to be a CO. Life took over and both wife and I stopped pioneering after I was appointed an elder because we were tired of it. So that dream was gone... oh well

  • bbdodger

    I was going to be in the art department at Bethel.

    Ha! That's what I wanted to do... do illustrations for publications. What a thankless job. There are some very talented people working at WTBTS.

  • bbdodger
    underneath all of that my aspiration was to die. Since death covered our sins, and I was a Jehovah's witness and did 'everything' I was supposed to do that I would probably be resurrected in the new system and not have to suffer anymore inside of myself.

    Sad, but too true. I was always told that once you died, you would blink, and instantly wake up in paradise . That seemed like a good plan. Better than having to go through all the crap involved in being a JW, and better than having to go through Armageddon.

  • minimus

    When I was a 20 year buck, I thought I could be "groomed" to be a CO. But DO seemed even better!

  • greendawn

    I never came to that point because first I tried the JWs and found that they were not what they claimed to be and therefore never progressed to the next stage of setting long term objectives as a JW.

    In a way my first move was to test them out and I found them to be false apostles. For a year I was a very obedient and active dub but they never responded with any emotional solidarity.

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