As A Witness, What Were Your Aspirations?

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  • minimus

    Having been raised a Witness, I was taught to NEVER refuse an assignment. View everything as a "privilege from Jehovah". So naturally, wanting to be an elder was very important to me and to my family.

    The problem, of course, with young inexperienced men becoming elders is that it quickly goes to their heads. So, sometimes, just being an elder won't due. Wanting to be a Presiding Overseer or Circuit or District Overseer is on the list.

    It's too bad we weren't helped to appreciate the value of education. When I see JW kids actually furthering their education, I am happy for them. It's better than believing that the Theocratic Ministry School is the ultimate tool in learning! And when we see JWs go to Bethel, believing they'll live their entire lives in "The House of God", only to be kicked out, it helps us to see that theocratic aspirations will truly do nothing for you in the long run.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    to become a ... Bethel Elder/Overseer

  • changeling

    To be happy and raise happy kids. My goals are the same now. The kids are grown. My path to happiness has changed.


  • coffee_black

    I was going to be in the art department at Bethel.


  • JH

    Meet some nice sister, and marry her, and live eternally young in Paradise, which was right around the corner.

    I didn't want to lead the flock, just follow modestly.


    I wanted to be a pioneer and raise little pioneers.

    I always thought that if I had found the "false" before I was married with a child that I would have pursued the missionary work. I've always wanted to travel and photograph everything I see.

  • minimus

    I knew of a very gifted speaker who became an elder and eventually got deleted (for questionable business practices). Not long thereafter, he decided he was of the "anointed". It seems he needed to be "somebody". Now he was a man with heavenly aspirations.

  • forsharry

    Please don't take this as me being jokey, cause I do have a tendency to not take a lot of things seriously...but I think deep down underneath the outward proclamations of "I want to be a special pioneer, or go to bethel..." underneath all of that my asparation was to die. Since death covered our sins, and I was a jehovah's witness and did 'everything' I was supposed to do that I would probably be resurrected in the new system and not have to suffer anymore inside of myself.

    majorly f'ed up, eh?

  • minimus

    Well, dying faithful was always considered the ultimate act. Why not want to go when you're on top, right?

  • Paralipomenon

    I should scan what I did for "What I want to be when I grow up" that I handed in for Grade 1.

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