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  • angeleyes71

    Hi everyone. I have been DF'd for about 2 1/2 years now. I lost everyone close to me. I am now very confused and lonely because I have no "worldy friends", my childrens g-ma is a very active witness and was like a mother to me, doesn't even speak to me anymore. My absolute best friend in the whole world I haven't seen in almost 3 years. I keep praying for help to go back because my life has been so crappy since I was DF'd. But my prayers are not answered. I have never been so confused about anything in my life. Please help.

  • LeslieV

    Welcome Emy and Angel. I am glad you are both with us.

    Angel leaving is a process. It took years for the indoctrination of this cult on your life, it takes time to wash your brain of its influence. The JW religion has been so branded into your thinking that you believe you are not worthy to be a good person, and experience good things unless you return. It simply is a lie, to make you feel bad about yourself. It is emotional blackmail, and holds you mentally hostage to a cult. Please begin to do research on the JW religion...also look up on the internet about cults and their control. Good luck we are here for you.

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  • bigdreaux

    welcome emy

  • greendawn

    Getting over the cultic programming can be a strange experience it has a strange sort of stickiness about it. It's not like leaving a mainstream Christian religion which is a free experience. It shows how wayward the dubs are, if members need to put up a big fight to leave.

    Angeleyes welcome, you should start a thread to introduce yourself and your exprerience with the JWs and ask for advice as you mentioned here.

  • BluesBrother

    Welcome to emy amd angel......2 people in differrent circumstances . We are all different here ...No conformity - Independant thinking the song says "Go Your Own Way" ..May we all find our place in Gods world . The road is long and it is all about finding out....

  • Sassy

    welcome emy and Angel.. We hope you enjoy your time here.. There is support and a bond of people who understand where you are coming from..

    We've all had our enlightenment moments... and we've all had our losses... we understand where you are at.. and probably where you are going.. we wish you well.. and hope you both hang around

  • Tatiana

    (((Emy and Angeleyes)))

    Welcome. At least here you can question, cry, learn, disbelieve, argue, rant, question some more, share, mourn, heal, and yell at the elders....all with no repercussions.

    Above all, you will learn to let go at your own pace. It could take years, but it will come.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Hi Emy, you've made a good personal choice of leaving this destructive manipulating cult, there is only good things ahead for you in the future

    being a subjective and devoted slave to this blatantly corrupt organization is not good for you or humanity for that matter.

    I personally hope you find happiness in your new identity, perhaps something a little more constructively wholesome and compassionate as an individual, I know I did

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    To Angel eyes : We are your friends here many of us have or are going through the very exact same things that you are experiencing, so

    In an effort to possibly relieve some of your personal anguish, you should post more often. One of the biggest depressing things about this

    stupid cult is the way it destroys family relationships and any personal relationships with people that you've made within the religion, but once

    you come to realize how wrong this religion is for humanity and for yourself it becomes allot easer to manage and deal with, be confident in that.

    Take care and keep your chin up, we can all join in and help one another..........Homerovah

  • homebound

    You see this is why I love this site, there are so many people that have gone through what we have. it's not like there babes in the truth. When you read the post you see that they have many years in the truth, (smile) waht we thought was truth. I have learned so much here, i have read post for many weeks, and i no longer feel guilty about how i feel. You know when i was giving talks, at one time, i was really in it, but i starting loosing my zeal. I prayed to jehovah, please help me! I found this site, and i feel better about me. I feel better about life, I see why witnesses are called the Borg. They dont think for themselves. If the soicety said stand on your head, they would do it. Well i am tries of someone else controling my thoughts. The people on here, that i have never met, have help me to think for me. Not to do bad, but use waht Jehovah gave me, thinking abiltiy. Some have really been hurt, by loosing family members. I am the onl JW in my family, i am just know able to hold a conversation with my dad, sister , brother, and i am 50 yrs old. How sad, that you give half your life to a organization, and then find out the just how mind controling it has been.

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