Comments You Will Not Hear at the WT Study (COVETOUSNESS)

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  • blondie

    While the espouse a life of poverty, it is the brothers with the green handshakes that get the privileges and get a lesser punishment when "sinning" or their children sin. The jws with money are well known and popular............


  • WTWizard

    This is a prime example of the pxxx poor integration found within the Watchtower Society. First they acknowledge that material things can make life more worth living, and more comfortable. Then they tell me that material things are not all that important--a blatant contradiction to what they said earlier. This is pointed out in paragraph 12--only 3 paragraphs later, they throw that value right out the window.

    This is typical of the Watchtower Society. They make suggestions, and then later negate them with another rule. Or they state that something has some value, however limited, and then blatantly undo it in the very next few paragraphs. Without material things, how are people supposed to enjoy the fruitages of their work? Or I suppose that they are supposed to work and work, only to find out that their only "blessings" are others getting suckered into this cult or bigger numbers on their publisher cards and more privileges work and toil. We are supposed to be incited by THAT?

  • jgnat

    AHA! THAT'S why covetousness came up in conversation between hubby and me this week. These articles are always funny, as I married the ultimate material guy. The only impediment to his acquisitions through the years is access to adequate funding.

    I pointed out that covetousness has nothing to do with the object desired. It's not the television that's bad, it's if you want your brother-in-law's television(s). He agreed with me, but I think the finer point was lost on him.

  • lrkr

    OK newly acquired pagan beliefs here:

    What's so bad about covetousness?? Coveting things is the basis of capitalism and the modern economy. If people don't want things, people dont buy things, other people don't make things, the whole economy collapses.

    Telling people they should mind their own business and not want things is old fashioned centralized control. Don't want what the king (priest, landlord, baron, insert other powerful personage here) has- just be happy and keep working.

    Doesn't surprise me that it is a central facet of every ancient religion- which were taught, encouraged and promulgated by kings, etc (see list above).

  • garybuss

    I'd thing the Society had to covet those Man-Roland printing presses. I mean the proof of coveting is the possession of the thing coveted. Somebody had to have had the thought . . . "Man, I wish I had a Man-Roland printing press."

    Look, Jesus didn't have no printing press . . . he just walked around and talked to people.

  • OnTheWayOut

    Thanks for all this effort. I hope many are benefiting from this work. I know I am.

    On the surface this is a nice, tame little article about materialism and the dangers of coveting.

    The average JW, and almost me with him, would not see anything wrong with this article.
    The comments in red helped me to see that there are misleading and deliberate statements
    made with an agenda.

  • carla

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  • moomanchu
    At Christian meetings, for example, it is easy to allow our mind to wander or to dwell on what we might do later. Instead, we should pay attention to what is said and think of ways to make personal application of the information so that we can improve our relationship with our heavenly Father, Jehovah God, and with our fellow Christians.

    They actually know how boring their material is so they added this primer in the begining of the article.

    Jay dubs are some of the most materialistic people on the planet imo.

  • SirNose586

    Love the new avatar!

    Yeah, that sentence "It's been said that...." was pretty lame. This is English 101 folks--quote your sources. Funny how they do this later for the greek word in the footnote, wherein they cite Strong's lexicon, but they can't do it here. Can we say, nibbling at Babylon the Great's table???

    I like the scroll layout too--takes up less space.

    I caught the reversal on their stance on living a comfortable life too--and man, is it pathetic! I also know what you mean about "the pitch." Next weeks gonna be tough to choke on. Funny how they want more donations, yet when the r&f get promoted and they can therefore donate more, they're not allowed to take it if it affects indoctrination attendance!

    Edit: Note that they echo the same thoughts as that sermon from the linked book. A "faithful and discreet" SLOUCH is a better description!!

  • bobld

    This WT and June/07A is all about Money,Property,Prestige,etc,etc,cult slaves are enjoyong their material possessions too much and not giving enough to the WTS-Masters.

    Para 16"food,clothes,shelter,medical care may add a few years to a persons life.However,is such a life more meaningful and more secure."You damm right you Assholes.Well you bone heads(WTS-GB) go live in a tent in the hot sun in Africa without running water and use grass as ass wipe.Why do you you think the life expectancy in the USA is twice that of africa.

    Para 10 "It is so easy for people(FDS-GB) to see that someone else is being greedy,but it is rare that they (FDS-GB) will acknowledge that they themselves are guilty of it" total hypocrites.Have you seen the big rock(ring) on the right hand of GB-Member Dave Splane when giving talks at D.C.Have you seen other speakers a Conventions giving talks and flashing their rings like movie stars (showy display of one's means 1 John 2:16) I have and it's nasty when they are preaching about the evils of materialism.

    The GB's who read this post will now have a QFR and a letter to the BOE to cease and desist to those who give talks at Conventions from showing off their rings.To late Assholes you can't hide from God,besides he can read hearts.

    They mentioned a number of times RICH and POOR.So,even in poor countries the slaves are not donating enough.


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