Comments You Will Not Hear at the WT Study (COVETOUSNESS)

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  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    Classic Sermons on the Parables of Jesus By Warren W. Wiersbe

    I too discovered the "source." I ordered the book about 10 days ago. The scriptures covered by Pastor Taylor's sermon are the same scriptures covered by this study article and the next study article. I suspect, they have simply written a 'cliff-note' version of the Pastor's sermon and are presenting it as their own.

    When I receive the book, I will attempt to post a copy of the original sermon. It will interesting to see how closely the original sermon matches the two study articles.



  • Robert222

    Excellent analysis - thank you!

    I am totally fascinated by the "source" mentioned - thanks for exposing this about the WA society. There is so much to this WA study I am still digesting the material - but I guess one minor point is, if I'm poor, its my fault for coveting the rich men in Brooklyn that have millions to pay off victims of abuse who are sitting on millions in real estate holdings. Or I am at fault for coveting the wealthy JWs in my area driving the much needed Corvette (?) JWs have gone mainstream and hopefully are leaving this religion that has proved false to its power.

  • V

    I think this link here needs to be shown. Search

    the character of a man is often indicated by the direction which his thoughts take

    on the site below. Unbelievable.

  • blondie

    Someone will ask which issue this is from...........did I miss that info in this new format.

  • Open mind
    Open mind
    It will interesting to see how closely the original sermon matches the two study articles.

    It will be hilarious if they mirrored it but I don't think they'll be that stupid. Then again, this is same company that gave us the 1980's "Creation" book citing "Popular Science" as a source.

    On a side note: Who's doing "Comments" these days?

    Open Mind

  • V

    Yes, Blondie good comment. You will notice the header has been changed.
    Check out the new hub of WT Comments, an ongoing catalogue of WT Studies:

    WT Comments

    On a side note: Who's doing "Comments" these days?

    "WT Comments" is a collective effort, standing on the shoulders of Blondie's tradition. This ramp-up is timed to coordinate with the WT Study going "underground" in 2008. After that time, no non-JW (even inactive JWs) will receive the "Study Edition" magazines in advance.

    That was the plan. Oops!

  • sir82

    Holy crap!

    So now it's not just that they've taken to repeating old WT articles virtually word for word. In addition, they're repeating 100 year old sermons by members of <gasp> Christendom's clergy and presenting as their own "food at the proper time"?!?


    Well, now it is even more clear why they want JWs to stay away from "independent study" on the internet.

    Imagine the effect this would have on the R&F if they ever found out the source of these articles.

  • sir82

    Did anybody else catch that point in the preface:

    "The preacher has 30 minutes in which to help mend broken hearts..." etc.

    The Public talks become 30 minutes in lenght starting January 1 2008.

    Coincidence? Is there someone (or several someones) on the Writing and/or Service committees with a soft spot for that old time turn of the (20th) century Protestant tradition?

    Gotta love it! WT busts the "Quotes" site for displaying in-context direct quotes from their own literature, yet freely plagiarizes copyrighted material from "Babylon the Great".

    Every day I am more and more astounded at the utter cluelessness of these guys. When will it sink in that they can't get away with their usual crap in the age of Google?

  • hamsterbait

    Actually the 95 study on the comparison of the signs in the first three gospels was lifted straight from any of the churches testbooks for students of the NT. Nobody noticed. At the time I pointed it out and was treated like a bad smell.

    One can analyse how the various gospels were put together by closely examining how they collage source materials produced years after the events.

    Even how whole passages are lifted from one gospel to another gives an idea of which one came first.

    Needless to say the WT distorts the information, and denies the findings of the language experts.

    This is yet another evidence of why they don't want anybody to research their materials. They have got everything they teach from the hand of the churches they bite, even as they steal food from it.


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