Stinkin Dorito's!!!!!!!!!!

by megsmomma 38 Replies latest jw friends

  • megsmomma

    I bought some for my husbands lunch. They are in snack I don't have to handle them. Well, problem is hubby doesn't want them at work cause it will give him "dorito breath". I have kept my hands off them for over a week....but, today I opened a pack....and then another one.....I can't help it!

    Another thing I don't buy cause I cannot resist them is Oreo's!

    What calls your name if you have them???

  • erandir

    My wife and I find that the best solution to the dilemma of yummy Doritos vs. noxious breath is to eat them together. That way we somehow don't notice the other's breath as much.

    Of course, we can't invite company over for a day or two....

    My favorite snack that I can't put down are those fudge striped shortbread cookies. I'll eat about 16 in one sitting while reading a book...dipping them in milk, of course. And then I look at the recommended serving of 2 cookies and that they are like 500 calories for 1 serving.

  • eclipse

    I could tell you why they are so addictive, but then I would have to kill youjk

    pm me if you want to know the secret

  • megsmomma

    I should make him take them to work and give them to everyone around him!LOL!

  • Kudra




  • Soledad

    M&Ms are my downfall.

  • erandir

    that's actually not a bad idea. my wife does that at her office.

  • bigwilly

    Pringles w/EZ Cheese (stoner discovery, which may also explain eating a whole tin of Pringles)

    Oreo Double Stuff *drooooooool*

  • megsmomma

    Funions will give you SUPER bad breath!!!! My sister once said my breath smelled like a litter box when I was eating them....Ekkkkkkkkk!

  • megsmomma

    With milk Bigwilly???? Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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