Transcript Of My KH's Discussion Of Sept. 2007 KM QFR

by Justitia Themis 41 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • erandir

    It continues to amaze me how I could have existed in a mind-controlled state for so long and not realize it. It only takes stepping back a ways to see it, and this transcript makes it all so obvious.

    That stepping back concept is what the FDS is so afraid of. They know that once a person becomes an individual again, the mind control loses its grip. Of course they call it "the one isolating himself seeks his own selfish longing" to paraphrase a proverb. And they discourage independent study groups or independent thought.

  • mcsemike

    Yes, this is a crock. What about the Boreans? What is the point of "examining what Paul told them" (to paraphrase) if they are not allowed to come to the conclusion that Paul was wrong??

    The WT is saying "Yes, digest what we teach, take in the "spiritual nutrition", ponder over these things, but you better not throw up or complain about the food".

    What hypocrites. Some day, mark my words, they will publish instructions telling the JW's which hand to use when eating, writing, and probably more.

  • Grammy
    Wow, reading that I could see myself sitting there in the hall nodding, and thinking what fine guidance the fds is giving us!

    Same here, but now that I know the real makes me want to

  • Redwood

    I'm new to this site and haven't associated with JW's for 3 years..... What is KM?

  • oompa

    "Where two or more are gathered in my name, I am in their midst" --Jesus H. Christ

    Interesting that the instructions for this part were NOT Question and Answer--Read all Paragraphs. Instead it was ---Audience Discussion.

    Just like in my hall, the direct, new, hard hitting statement from the FDS was not even mentioned! My hall totally skirted "the issue." When Pubs study, if they do, they may just gloss over it or miss it. I spoke with an elders wife at the meeting and she had not had a chance to study and had never read the QB. So at my hall, and the one posted here, she would never even have heard about it.

    The transcript posted is nauseatingly sweet, gooey....oompa

  • Honesty

    Welcome, Redwood !!!

    I'm new to this site and haven't associated with JW's for 3 years..... What is KM?

    OUR KINGDOM MINISTRY a monthly newsletter designed to assist JW's in the service to jehovah

    Reality = a monthly publication designed to teach proper, Cold calling, Selling Techniques and Closing tactics.

    OUR SEPTEMBER KM - Question Box

  • Gopher
    So we want to be in line with this blessing, and try to support this blessing, because the brothers have always been honest, and have always made corrections when necessary.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I imagine the JW's will actually like these more controversial typeof meetings.
    It's much less boring than the usual stuff they dish out.

  • blueviceroy

    Wow! (OOps exscuse me I just threw up in my mouth a little) Thats awful those poor people buying that stuff Reading that was like watching a car crash The guy I studied with said" this bible is like pair of binoculars that lets us see the approching disaster so we can tell everyone to watch out and save them with the word" I thought that was a little manipulative but this stuff here was so blatent he was so sure of the mind controll really really creepy

  • tremoka

    I haven't sat through such BS in years. Holy crap things haven't changed! Same fear tactics used same repetitive crap over and over. I am so surprised people don't run out of the KH screaming! Having been away from it for a while, I can't believe people just sit there and take this shite! I feel sick now.

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