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  • choosing life
    choosing life

    I have no hatred or anger in my heart. I am actually relxed and enjoying chatting with friends.

    It sounds like you may need to watch your blood pressure, however.

    As for everlasting life, we will all see about that at some time, won't we?

  • Metamorphosis

    worldtraveler - classy reply to your initial post.

    i know it's hard for alot of us to control the anger we feel over being hoodwinked for many years...but remember the many lurkers who read this site like i was a few months back. the more love and logic we show, the less hate and anger we display, the more we will open the minds of those who are on the fence. sometimes i wonder if i would recommend this site to someone in doubt because of some of the hostility towards current jw members. just remember most of us were in the same situation at one time - it takes different paths and different reasons for people to finally see with open eyes....

    as for 333 - welcome and look around. if you seriously believe your statement, then examine those beliefs against the arguments presented here. if you do this with a true yearning for understanding and knowledge you will either have your beliefs re-inforced if they are true or your eyes opened if they are not. my guess is much awaits you.


  • yknot

    Welcome to the board The333

    If you are truly an "active" witness, and you have decided to come "fishing for men here" I suggest you try using Knorrs "soft" sale approach as it has proven more effective then Rutherfords in your face preaching style. (Please feel free to search CD for the member #s as a comparison). Also I would like to state as a long time lurker here that most (even the most angriest) are here because they were:

    stumbled (deeply)

    former or fading elders disgusted with the more corporate/cronyism and lack of spiritual and loving content.

    are shocked by last years changes including the unadvised searching of scripture (after all, all Bible translations have some errors as humans are the translators, but that said if the NWT is all that it claims to be then they should invite all to check the Hebrew/Greek Interlinears as it would prove they have the truth!)

    abused by bad shepherds (power over another can corrupt, certainly Satan would take advantage of such human weakness and imperfection)

    Sexual abuse victims...... (recently settled a case with 16 victims (gag order) but interestingly in the Texas case the hired gun...stated in court filings that there was NO relationship of TRUST(fiduciary) between Cong/Sheep and Elders/Shepherds) So this leads us to believe that they do not hold onto the "Jehovah has entrusted the Shepherds to keep the Cong/Flock clean" speech that allows disfellowshipping. It also means that we sheep are on our own when it comes to the wolves in sheeps clothing.

    are convinced that with the UN membership (regardless on how you spin it pro or con) caused us to recieve a "marking" from what has always been regarded as the Beast.

    were Df-ed in an unfair manner.

    felt strongly a "lack of love"

    Were tired of the WTBS speaking where the Bible is silent on secular matters (ie College) Causing us to ponder the Apostle Pauls counsel in 1Cor telling us that we have been "bought and to stop making ourselves slaves to men"

    The flip flopping

    Were disturbed by the lack of "charity" and support of widows and fatherless children. ( ie why sale Circuit Cars when they can donate them to needy JW families or to the KHs to be used for Field Service....SEE

    So if it is your intent to continue posting make sure your comments do not further stumble these ones. Be upbuilding.....Some other JWs have already torn them down.

    Be careful you too can become labeled an "APOSTATE" and be DF-ed just for view this site let alone posting!

    That said the waters are teeming .........cast a line

    Y (sorry yall for long post)

  • Briguy

    Please! Look outside what you are told. Look around you. There is nothing wrong with trying to get to know god. Just realize

    That you are being mind controled. Took me 20+ years to even see it. PM me if you have any questions.

  • WT=watchtrouble

    Welcome, we all have to make up our mind. Please open your mind and check out the facts about all the coverups that this org has done. You will find so much evidence that will convince you that something is wrong with the org. If you were so certain it was the truth you wouln't be on this website. You must have doubts to come on this board.

    I hope you find peace within yourself and find out the facts.

  • AlphaOmega
    those who aren't in the truth i feel much pity for you. All of you are filled with much hatred and anger that all you can do is blast out of your stupid mouths horrible things about the one true religion. I feel sorry for you that you will not have ever lasting life.

    I'm not a Witness.

    I love you though

  • WT=watchtrouble

    Hey I just became a junior member.

  • NvrKssdNObutt

    ynot----eloquent post ---- not too long at all! enjoyed it

    james t

  • PinTail

    I think everyone of us on this form have felt the same way you do 333, I know I did the first time I entered this form and read the posts I guess its because in the Jehovahs Witness religion if a brother or sister voices any feelings as these you live in fear, that is all I can say. And that should be all it takes to show you something is wrong.

    I listened tonight on the phone hook up with my elderly mom how all the rank and file answered the questions posed about the KM article, I have to say it just made me sick the robotic Zombie like way they all answered back with out any thought to what they were really saying, what a farce I guess its the will of Landrew.

  • eclipse

    My prediction:

    333, a zealous JW found this site by accident, read some threads, thinks he knows what this site is all about...

    gets so emotional he writes one post, and high-tails it to the exit button.

    I don't think he will be back...for a little while at least...maybe one day, when he sees the greater love of many cooling off....

    and he can't believe it, and where are his brothers and sisters and friends in his time of need?

    no where. and he will come back and read things from a different perspective and a more open mind...

    take care 333, the door is always open and we'll leave the light on for you

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