My District Convention pioneer experiences- I fed my kids from the gutter?

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  • James Free
    James Free

    I remember on Pioneer couple in northern Greece. The husband was also on the RBC. He was really lazy! He relied on handouts to feed his wife and himself. Worst of all was his attitude. I will never forget how he would quote Paul and say he deserved to be helped by the other brothers. He really upset me one day when he accepted a regular donation from a brother who was a vegetable market trader. This guy got up at the crack of dawn, went and bought produce and then sold it in the local market. When I asked if this generous hard working brother was an elder, the pioneer scrounger said "Oh no, he puts work before spiritual things." I stood open mouthed - if it wasn't for this generous man he and his wife would go to bed hungry!

    Last I heard they are janitors in the Assembly Hall, directing all the volunteers and still thinking they were better than the rest!

  • fresia

    We had an experience from last circuit assembly of b/s pioneer and how they moved where the need was greater, somewhere in Queensland Aus; they had spent all their money on petral and rent and had nothing left for food, but this kind sister came around and left 7 pumkins on the verandah, they were so grateful, and 7 not 6 divine isn't it, they laughed and said we had pumkins for a week. Ha can you imagine the colour their skin would be not to mention the other end of the body, pumkin soup, pumkin scones, baked pumpkin, isnt God thoughtful.

  • WTWizard

    This is just one more way to get children to shut up about eating fast, good-tasting poison for lunch every day because their parents have to keep their time going. They hear about someone that has it so much worse off. And the amounts that are "found" always exactly match the current need. Just once I would like to see someone who needed $100 end up with more than $1 million for that need.

    Or, what about the hounder-hounder that had this story about a missionary that was feeling ill from not having any food. So, they did their famous last call. This time, instead of taking all day, the householder threw a cabbage at the missionary. They took this as a provision from Jehovah. What they didn't tell you is that cabbage is not going to give you much energy (it is a good diet food, since it has very few calories). It has very poor quality of proteins, very little carbs (most of which is fiber), and almost no fat. The cabbage does have some vitamin C and phytochemicals, but little in the way of energy. Is this how Jehovah sustains His people? And what about the next day, and the following day?

    Normally, I am not in favor of robbing the rich to feed the poor. But, in this case, I would be in favor of doing this. Why? First, because the Watchtower Society did nothing to earn their riches. If Bill Gates chooses not to donate anything, I have no problem with that because he earned every penny of his money and is entitled to keep it. The Watchtower Society, on the other hand, usurped it from the public and calls itself a charity. That is what obligates them to at least fulfill its self-titled role as a charity.

    Second, the reason why these people are poor is the Watchtower Society itself. They make people poor by sucking them dry with donations, and then keeping them from going to college. Window washers and toilet scrubbers make little money. So these people make very little, most of which is spent on suit dry cleanings, gas, vehicle wear and maintenance, and donations. All this is to help the Watchtower Society. And yet they do nothing to help the workers. They initiate the use of fraud to trick people into donating time and money, and force and coercion to keep them going. For this reason, they don't deserve to keep any of the ill-gained money they usurped from the public.

  • lawrence

    Once while pioneering I had a Circuit Assembly part ... my wife and I were so poor, and I needed a pair of shoes, so a Bible Study saw my worn shoes, and gave me a pair that was under his bed. I was so full of faith and praise. The audience loved the part. The C.O. said, "see how Jehovah provides."

    The damn shoe were too small and I ended up with in-grown toe nails which required surgery to take off the nails and remove the roots. It took years to pay off the hospital bill (window washers have no insurance). While in the hospital, I had no vsiitors; as an elder said, "Jehovah's people are busy with the preaching; don't feel sorry for yourself."

  • Gayle

    This is surely a religion that sacrifices their children! Here, the WT Society sanctions it! How revolting! The emotional baggage the poor children carry in so many ways. The children have to sacrifice the most! There is no reason children shouldn't have adequate, rounded food in first-world countries no matter how poor! The organization definitely needs the exposure for the poor abused children's sake.

  • joelbear69

    wouldn't that be stealing if they knew the company that the vegetables belonged to?

  • snowbird

    Can I join in? I remember a sister relating how she and hubby tried to pioneer in Houston, TX, around the late 70's to early 80's. She said she was doing street witnessing in front of a supermarket when a shopper dropped a carton of eggs and left them lying on the ground thinking they were all broken.

    The sister said she looked around to see if anyone was watching, then picked up the carton to find out only 6 eggs were broken. She took the 6 whole eggs home and she and hubby had a nice omelet for dinner! I remember thinking how in affluent Houston they had to resort to practically living off the streets. I used to invite them for dinner even though I had very little to offer. They were so loving and grateful. I wonder where they are now.


  • rebel8

    Ooh! I have my own story.

    In my brief period of indentured servitude, oops, I mean pioneering, my car insurance bill was due and I had no $ to pay it. I was going to have to quit pioneering and work full time.

    Then I was in a parking lot and noticed a big shiny gold chain. I told my righteous older sister "friend" in the kingkongregation. She told all the bros and sistas that jehoover was providing for me financially by making me find the gold chain.

    She had a hobby of buying and selling jewelry, so she told me how much it was worth and offered to buy it from me. She remarked what a coincidence it was that the necklace was worth *exactly* the amount I owed the insurance company. /8|

    This was surely jehoopla's handiwork; how else could there be an honest jewelry buyer right there when I found the chain. jehula didn't want me to have to take time away from the ministry to get it professionally appraised!

    Sista Golddigger then had a good laugh when she bragged to everyone that the necklace was worth twice what she told me and she had resold it for a big profit.

    Most of the righteous bros and sistas had a good laugh at me too and said it was my fault for being so gullible. It is apparently not the responsibility of the dubbies to be honest.

    jehoover surely does provide.


  • jambon1

    I pioneered for a little while and I was always stunned to hear the experiences of others. A couple who had 8 bible studies, an old sister who had lots of energy to pioneer at 85, money dropping through the door at the drop of a hat for car repairs. Our hall was pretty generous to pioneers and I had made the choice to do it so for a while I enjoyed it and didn't mind the material sacrifices. But I had little success with people and remember days of walking around the territory feeling like I was literally wasting my time. The experiences that you heard got you thinking it was only you who didn't really like pioneering. It made you feel unspiritual. Again, such a negative way to look at yourself and your life. It is only now that I look back and wonder what the hell I was doing. I have more than made up for it now with regard to developing my busness and financial security for my family. I am currently pursuing a rewarding voluntary position as well. The rewards of pioneering are very lame in comparison. Thankless, dull, boring.

  • greendawn

    Through this talks they try to stimulate th espiritual self sacrificing instincts in the JWs they hope that some will have strong instints in this area and will be pushed over into the pioneering mood.

    The point is that sacrifices for jehovah as they put it are in fact sacrifices for a man made organisation. Bringing anyone into a fascist and unloving org like this is something to feel guilty about.

    Certainly not something to be rewarded from god.

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