My District Convention pioneer experiences- I fed my kids from the gutter?

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  • WT=watchtrouble

    Yeah the pioneer poverty stories at DC's used piss me off too. The borg doesn't and never will look after the poorer dubs.

  • Scully

    I understand how circumstances can force people into poverty. Most people are industrious and tenacious enough to claw their way out of that situation. What I don't understand is how some people can make the decision to live that way, and expect other people to pay their way to ensure they have what they need.

  • Gill

    Could you be refering to the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses by any chance, Scully?

    I don't believe they actually 'work' and they expect others to wipe their arses for them metaphorically speaking, of course, and pay their way for them. Oh, and don't forget, others also have to obey 'their' words as the words of God.

    JW org is packed with people who do not want to work. ( I'm not talking about the seriously long term sick here!) There are those who do not want to send their children to school and mess up their kids lives with home schooling. Too many are waiting for God to come, kill everyone else, and make them land owners and all they have to do is go to meetings. It's a good job that in the UK we have a safety net for the kids of these people!

    The WTBTS is very much a 'something for nothing' organization. It breeds the attitude in its followers. The WTBTS distributes BS. The followers pay them for it!

    The followers are expecting their payment for this distribution work of BS in the future, when everyone else is bird food!

  • Mary
    The talk was on "sacrifices," a pioneer couple were interviewed by the C.O. They had Pioneered for many years with two kids, the dad worked part time. They explianed how money was "tight" for them many times. One time they repaired their old car and had no money for groceries. On their way home they found a buch of vegetables in the gutter where a goods truck would pass everyday. They had many handfuls of food to take home tonight! Thanks to Jehovah they were never hungry.

    This is disturbing on so many levels it's not even funny. First of all, they were held up as an "example" for the rest of the Witnesses, by a Circus Overseer as though every Christian's goal should be to be so poor, that you have to feed your kids out of a gutter. It also sends the message that it's pleasing to Jehovah that even if you're an able-bodied man, that you shouldn't bother working hard to provide for your family, even if it means they're starving. Whatever happened to quoting that scripture that 'a man who does not provide for his family, is worse than a man without faith'????

    As we all know, a CO is handed his livilhood on a silver platter. They get free food, free clothing, free lodgings, a car, gas, medical bills covered and I'm pretty sure none of them have ever ate vegetables out of a gutter. Second, WTF are these parents thinking of ???! I don't care how much someone wants to pioneer----if it gets to the point where you're feeding your kids out of the gutter, then it's time to go get a damn job and forget about knocking on doors. If Child Services ever knew about this, those parents would be interviewed alright. Although there wouldn't be any accolades or clapping----they'd almost certainly be charged with child neglect, child abuse and failing to provide the necessities of life for them. And did this CO who interview them suggest that they get a job? I'm guessing the answer to that is 'no'.

    This sort of thing absolutely disgusts me. For some reason, even when I was a die-hard Witness, I never believed in anyone "pioneering" and waiting for manna to fall out of the sky, in order for them to continue doing "the Lord's work". My feeling was always "if you can't afford to pioneer, then don't."

  • lawrence


    I just submitted a resume to Brooklyn Hellhole to do the pioneer tales at the assemblies... wish me LUCK!

    On that note ...

    Before the wife (who escaped) and I served in Southern Belize, we served where the need was greated in Western Mass. No window washing jobs, but a twice a week job cleaning the Holiday Inn lounge after the "world" left from their party. We would count change to put gas in the tank of the old Plymouth station wagon. It was 1975, and the world had to be warned. We got to a point where it was either gas or food, and so we went on a cole slaw diet. Cabbage means uric acid, and lots of cabbage translates to kidney stones. 2 sisters tried to assist with vitamins and herbs, and lo and behold - I was layed low (Satan was the cause). I preached with a fever for 2 weeks, conducted 8 bible studies meanwhile, and finally passed the stones (couldn't miss a meeting if I was "faithful"). Finally my worldly parents had enough, and realized we were killing ourselves; so they sent a grocery truck to the hovel we were living in. See, Jah provided.

  • LongHairGal

    I have heard a few anecdotal stories like this about somebody who lived on the edge of poverty always got money when they least expected it, etc.

    I have a problem with bullshit stories like these. It is not that I don't believe that somebody here and there has an experience that can be called 'miraculous' for lack of a better word. It is just that it pushes poverty as a goal for the very stupidest and most gullible people there. Whereas the very smart and savvy people there would never tolerate being in such a condition and even look down upon those so 'unfortunate' as to be in this condition. This includes people in the congregations as well as the 'higher-ups' in the organization. Can you imagine the COs and the GB eating out of a dumpster???

    I have seen enough JWs with nice jewelry, cars, houses, etc. The poverty that is being preached is not for them, just somebody else. This is the hypocrisy of the situation.


  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    To clarify...the Pioneer family did not say they ate vegetables from the gutter everyday. So don't call Child services just yet. They said the car repair bill left them with no money for food that week. A produce truck had alot of vegetables fall off and roll into the gutter, which allowed them to stop and fill the car up with food for that week. Still...I found this to be discusting and the kid's must have felt humiliated.

  • Bangalore

    Many of these experiences are embellished I guess.


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