A debate on childrens haircuts

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  • tinker

    Without giving my personal opinion I would like to ask the board, 'what is your view of children with mowhawk haircuts'

    Our family has an ongoing debate as to what is considered an acceptable hairstyle for boys age 5-8. Please be unbiased reguards what you may think is my personal feeling.

    Your input would be greatly appriciated.

    Thank you


  • skeeter1

    First, look at the motive behind the haircut. Generally, five to eight year olds are not choosing a haircut to be part of a street gang, or at least I do not think so. They are looking towards action heros, etc. If it's the action hero thing, then let them have the haircut. It will grow back, and they will have their fantasy. When else in life can you have a mohawk?


  • reneeisorym

    As long as you think he wants it for a healthy reason (again .. super heros) I don't see a problem with it. But I also have to say that if you have EVER told him no, stick to your guns. You need to let them know that you mean no when you say no.

    Take plenty of pictures to black mail him with later in life.

  • JeffT

    I agree with Skeeter. If the worst thing your kid does is wear his hair funny, you're in good shape. Besides, there is no doubt some relative like me around, who will ask him "How long do you have to wear your hair like that to win the bet?" After a few doses of that, he'll do something else.

  • tinker

    Thanks...boy was that quick. I already feel better. Can I ask another part of the question? Is a mowhawk acceptable in your area schools?

  • reneeisorym

    It isn't exactly in style here. ... But they wouldn't send him home for it either.

    Still .. it depends on why he wants it. If he wants to be like a ghetto gang member with a mohawk, the answer is no. If he wants to be like his favorite super hero, then fine. You just don't want him wanting to copy the rest of the gang member outfit once he gets the mohawk. I hope that makes sense.

  • BrentR

    Two boys that go to my daughter's school have mohawks and I think it looks very white trashy. I felt like enough of a freak just being a JW kid that I could not imagine having to wear a mohawk. Teachers are only human to and why would anyone want their kid stigmatized by them? They are not supposed to but we all know they do.

  • exwitless

    I have to say that I agree with BrentR. I think mohawks are worn by people who want attention, to stand out, to "rebel" in a way. I don't think children that young need to be making a statement with their hair like that. But to each his own. I'm not judging, just making my personal observations.

  • NoLoveLost

    Pick your battles - hair, it doesn't matter so much. If you pick your battles with your kids, they will be much more predisposed to take heed to your "no's" when they aren't about things that don't matter. Hair grows back. If (because I don't know if you are) you are concerned about negative perceptions, are you concerned more about how your son will be perceived, or about how your parenting will be perceived? If you are concerned, then why? I only ask because it seems like more that just a haircut is the issue here?

  • tinker

    This is really helpful. Certainly a cross section of opinions. I am the Grandmother of two boys 5+7. My daughter-in-law cut the boys hair in this style on the last day of school for a Summer Fun look. I have the children a few times a week to help out, plus I just want them to visit and play with. We have a great time mostly at home, in the yard, play pool and such. Occationally we go out in public for a little shopping or fast food so at those times I like the boys to have on clean cloths and be well behaved and CUTE----you know, show off my adorable grandsons.

    I mentioned that I did not like the haircuts and that if we go out could they please have on a hat. The DIL took offense and decided to argue with my son over me and my 'mean grandma' ways. My son stepped out of the issue and would not take sides, OK, fine but he did tell me he does not like the hair either. As was suggested I decided to choose my battles and went along thinking by the time school starts the hair would be grown out and back to 'normal' ......not so. Apparently the school is liberal and will not outlaw the style.

    I should explain also that I am XJW, my son DF, daughter-in-law never a JW. I suppose my JW background has something to do with idea of what is acceptable. But the bottom line is I just think the style is very low class, ugly, 'white trash' looking.

    I do wonder if little boys even understand the difference in a Superhero look or a street gang look. That is where the parenting comes in. Is is possible to teach what is acceptable in a moderate way. Not going to the extreme in any direction as in, 'we can play dress up like superheros but when we go out in the Real World we dress in a way that all people recognize as OK.

    It seems the families, in laws and outlaws are taking up sides, for and against and I'm stuck, Should I take a stand for my opinion or just let it go. It has been over 3 months now and I see no end in sight.

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