Encounter with JW neighbours # 2

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  • winnie

    As I posted in a previous thread, we moved about 5 weeks ago into a house next door to a local elders family (who also happen to be related to us through marriage).

    The elders wife (I'll call her Mrs M), decided to weed her garden when we went out this morning. But we were only gone for 20 minutes. To weed a part of her garden, she has to come into our front yard to reach it, which she was doing when we came home. By the time we got out of the car, she had quickly moved to another section of garden in her own yard. Anyway, the bins had been emptied, so hubby decided to go bring them in. To do this though meant walking straight past her. So on the way back, he called out a friendly hello..and got no answer. So he stopped, and called out twice more. Still no answer, not even a glance, and we're only talking about a space of 3-4 metres between them.

    So he said..."are you deaf?"

    Well...that got her attention, and she stood up, nearly shaking and said..."Don't test me" (WTF???).

    Hubby said there is no harm in saying hello (after all, what kind of neighbours would we be if we didn't. )

    To which he got..."You've been dying to say hello to me for weeks now."

    His brilliant reply..."Don't flatter yourself...your not that important!"

    The look of complete stunned suprise was priceless...before she made a quick exit to the safety of her house. (which must be starting to feel like a prison by now. )

    I'm so looking forward to seeing what happens next, as I'm sure she will tell everyone what horrible neighbours she has. After all...how dare we say hello! How rude!!!

  • eclipse

    lol, Winnie!

    Some of them are such drones, how do they not hear how absolutely controlled and brainwashed they sound??

  • greendawn

    It shows how destructive cults can hopelessly warp the thinking of their members. They made them think that "apostates" are agents of demons who will try to derail them from the course of salvation. In reality the FDS knows that the "apostates" are aware of some nasty truths about him and his real objectives. They fear exposure and that's all there is to the shunning policy.

  • dobbie

    Oh Winnie that's so funny! Your hubby sounds great!(do you think you can send him round here to talk to MY jw next door neighbours?Lol!)

  • fresia

    I think that is sad and funny at the same time. Perhaps you could take a jug of coffee with the morning text to start the day of, just being neighbourly and all. That would be so funny.

  • poppers

    I've lived two doors from a dub family for at least 20 years and not once have they ever initiated a greeting to me. When passing by they make a concerted effort to be doing something that ensures they won't see me. If I say hello they reluctantly respond, but nothing beyond that. I think they are relieved that I've learned to just ignore them when passing by.

    About 6 years ago (before I knew anything about dubs) I mowed a 7 circuit labyrinth in my back yard and invited my neighbors to come by whenever they wanted to and walk it. When I invited the dub neighbors they brushed me off and wouldn't even glance at it from their property. Knowing what I know now, it must have given them the willies.

  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    Reminds me of Wanda Sykes on Curb Your Enthusiasm..."Don't you test me Larry!"

  • erandir

    "Don't test me"

    Um...I'm with you when you say WTF?

    What does that even mean? Why would she say that?

    How rude!

  • erandir

    ah...nevermind about the "don't test me" thing. I just read your first topic about your neighbors.

    She's still rude, though.

  • shell69

    B***dy pathetic.

    Idiot ppl who are soooo full of love!

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