They will be known by their love.....--oh i am so ticked right now

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  • Honesty
    The love among JWs is a LIE. It does not exist.

    That is why the congregations are dwindling.

  • troubled mind
    troubled mind

    Scully your post mirrors my experience exactly.....

    Not only did we experience the true nature of the witnesses lack of love we saw too many others crushed as they came to the same realization.

    Churches in this area will help the homeless ,repair homes for the poor , will do fund raisers for those having medical issues . Witnesses will bring you a meal when your sick or maybe give you fifty bucks if you need groceries ,butindividuals can only do so much. As an organization they could do so much more .No they would rather the members spend hundreds of dollars every month wasting gas ect. driving around rural America knocking at no at homes .

    When we really needed emotional support through some tough times We recieved it from workmates and worldly relatives .

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    The witnesses are not a giving and charitable organization at all, they certainly do not follow Jesus example thats for sure

    and why did your daughter forget you is she a JW ? just curious, you look like you went out of your way to help her in her time of need !

  • orbison11

    actually i didnt go out of my way

    my 4 children were my life,,,,like any mother


  • The-Borg

    Of course they couldn't help you, if they did help it would have taken them away from the most loving work in the history of mankind - The Preaching Work. Duh! Don't forget also if they helped it might mean some of our brothers and sisters miss the meetings and we can't have that now, can we?

    Love amongst Jehovah's witnesses is an abstraction, a concept, a myth that always happens to someone else the pages of the watchtower. It doesn't exist.

    Wendy, your children are blessed to have a loving mum like you.

  • R.F.

    The "Loving Brotherhood" among Jehovah's Witnesses is as a whole, bogus.

    Anyone can read in the Bible about what it's about to be a Christian. The WTS, however, constantly give their version of what being a Christian means. As long as you attend all the congregation meetings, go in field service, and donate your funds to the WTS, you're a true Christian.

    It's sickening how they will verbally beat down true Christians that go out of their way to show love for their fellowman. It's so bad to the point that JWs can't even see the good that others do.

  • Gretchen956

    This is exactly why I left. This may not be a doctrine, but it is promoted as truth and as the one way to see them as being different from all of the others. How laughable that is, every other religion has them beat on that score.


  • codeblue

    (((Wendly))) I too have it it with their supposed "LOVE".

    Like many others have posted here, I have experienced more love in times of stress from NON witnesses.

    I am like you, shunned by my kids.

    It's sometimes more then I can bare....

  • MidwichCuckoo

    Not a week goes by without me reading a story in the local paper about some group/church/community fund-raising for someone sick or disadvantaged. Obviously none of these stories involve JWs. But wouldn't that be a 'good witness'? Showing love amongst themselves?

    Anything 'raised' by the JWs goes to the Society...anywhere else would be considered a 'waste'. Even when 'sisters' hold 'swap' parties (is this just a UK practice?), the proceeds go to the WTBTS.

    What do you think the WTBTS would do if it found out that local JWs raised money for someone needy in the community?

  • avengers
    .....--oh i am so ticked right now

    You ain't the only one!

    They don't give a flyin' f**k about me or my family, or you or your family!

    Get over it though. We all know how the WT really thinks.

    Andy of the I'd rather be me class.

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