They will be known by their love.....--oh i am so ticked right now

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  • LongHairGal

    Sorry, this is so sad but typical! I don't want to take away from your story but I know of some stories. Depending on who you are in the congregation and who you are related to will determine what kind of 'help' you will get. Very deserving people are often ignored.

    These bastards are worthless!


  • logic

    The jws talk big on the preaching work, but ask them about the rest of those admonitions , like selling all their belongings and helping the poor. Then there is when Jesus said when they took care of the least of his they had also had done it unto him. Evidently that part does not count anymore.

  • Cindi_67

    The other day a had a good friend that went to the house to "encourage" me. I let him in and his wife in because they are different. Among all the things we discussed, because I actually opened myself up to them about some of the things that disturb me, and among those was that about the "love" the congregation members should have among one another. I told him that some elders knew that my husband and I were struggling financially. One of the elders/pioneer and self employed in landscaping knew about it and also knew that my husband works doing the same work, and never once offered to at least have my husband help him out or something, I actually went to another elder who was selling his business because he was moving, same doing lawns, and told him that if he could at least leave him 10 of his account that will help, nothing. If he didn't sell everything, probably gave them to this other elder. Another thing is what you just said here, other religions go out their way to help others in need, but not here. There are no yard sales, to give an example, to help a member in need, being health or financial difficulties, no car wash drive, not even an anouncement in the congregation to set aside from the contributions part of that money to give to the needy.

  • greendawn

    If we observe carefully the policies of the WTS we will notice it doesn't ever seriously seek to cultivate real love between the JWs though they surely know that there is a gross lack of it.

    In other words they don't care, their interest is focused on the preaching because that's where there is money for them. It's a business geared for serving its own interests.

  • RollerDave

    Real love is impossible when members are trained to tattle on each other and the only standard that counts is organizational status.

    Bogus and phony, this watchtower love.

    Oh, and the misspelled the cover of the magazine, I think they meant to say "Family; Who Cares?"


  • WT=watchtrouble

    I agree "known by their love" is complete rubbish - it doesn't exist.

    Had a elder come over a few days ago and I mentioned to him about the lack of charitable things that the borg does. I said how Jesus showed compassion by helping the poor etc. Said that is what JW's should be doing blah blah blah. Same ole response about the help from the borg in the event of a natural disaster.

    This is not christian.

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