offers to study after going inactive!!

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  • dobbie

    Yep this used to happen to me every time i went inactive, i ust be the current record holder for the number of studies received!And each time i'd get halfway through each book and then it would sort of fizzle out. Then i realised they were actually counting the time although i was a baptised jw, and when the last person i'd studied with then said she'd like to study another book with me, and i knew she'd just become a pioneer i knew then that was the only reason for it, so she could easily count some time. So i stopped it and told her that the book didn't interest me, i found it too difficult, it was Daniel book i believe. Try and find some way out of it hun or they'll start pestering you again if you show some interest!

  • Bumble Bee
    Bumble Bee

    It never ceased to amaze me when offered this. Here I'm having trouble just keeping up with the bare minimum of all the JW requirements, and they want to take more of my time that I don't have and study with me!! WTF are they thinking! lol


  • Madame Quixote
    Madame Quixote

    I think I'm going to call the local kh and ask for a study myself.

    Before they come for it, I'll make sure I don't take out the trash or change the litter box for a week, won't brush my teeth at all for a few days, and I'll have them come into my unmade bed (in the living room) with a 12-pack for the study.

    I think that'll send 'em packing . . . eventually . . . maybe . . .if I don't show any cleavage to the elders or repressed lesbos who show up.

    Who knows, maybe if I show some real sincerity, they'll help me clean up a bit, LOL!

  • Younglove1999

    When my mom found out I wasn't going to meetings she said I needed to have a bible study.

    I wanted to just tell her that's what convinced me NOT to go to meetings anymore in the first place- studying that WT crap!

  • changeling

    Honey you are nothing but an easy way for a pioneer to count some time! LOL


  • Honesty
    Just ask the right questons and you might could infect the whole hive (no insult to bees meant).

    so much to learn....oompa

    Don't the experts call that CCD?

    Collective Collapse Disorder....

    No wait, for bees it's Colony Collapse Disorder

    For the JW's it's Collective Collapse Disorder

  • sass_my_frass

    As you're trying to fade away without anybody noticing, when something like that happens you have to be respectful, grateful, kind, warm, and very gently turn the offer down. "That's very kind of you brother, but I'm finding things a little tough lately and need to just rely on Jehovah to build my strength", etc. You don't want to ring any alarm bells with anybody.

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