What's reasonable to expect on a first date?

by serendipity 33 Replies latest social relationships

  • sweetface2233
    Mike (35 yo, twice-divorced)

    That tells you something right there!

  • BFD

    Sorry your date went so lousy but it's a picnic compared to what I had to deal with last night on my date. I'll take a gabber over a drunk any day. Although with my luck my next date (if ever) will probably be a drunk gabber.


  • Soledad
    Dating again for me is what wakes me up at night in a cold sweat.

    I can so relate to this.....

    Based on what you described here, I didn't like that guy. Move on. I don't think it's unreasonable to expect someone to show some interest in you as a person. He just blabbed on for 4 hours. Granted, you didn't stop him either, but come on? Did he forget someone else was sitting across from him?

  • sweetstuff

    Too funny!

    Is she dating or ordering from a deli!

    I always get what I want at a deli.

    Dating should be like a deli, if you don't like your selection, send it back and order another, lol!

  • seawolf
    Maybe I should just join a convent.

    I joined mine a long time ago. Still have some spots open.

  • Sassy

    well sounds to me like there wasn't a connection there for you... I don't think your expectations are too high.. or you are too picky..

    it is true, he may have been nervous.. and thus might be why he talked about himself so much

  • freyd

    Dating is dangerous. It's like what Woody Hayes thought about the forward pass. Four things can happen and three of them are bad. LOL And never ignore clues.

  • BizzyBee
    I'm also attracted to compassion. There were two things that alerted me that he was deficient there: to punish his kids, he'd make them exercise until they cried. Then he told me that he admired JWs because they disfellowship people so that there are fewer hypocrites in the religion. (yeah, right)

    Everything else was pretty much standard, and not a deal-killer and could be chalked up to nerves, etc. But the two issues above are serious red-flags.

  • BrentR

    I think being picky is very important. We all know people in marriages or relationships that probably should have been a bit more picky. I have a friend that is 35 and comes up to use my shop sometimes. His wife will call him every 30-45 minutes and it drives me insane. It's not like he is at a strip club or a bar. I fianlly had to have a "chat" with him about control issues, trust and boundries. The morning was supposd be two guys in a shop working on a project but instead it turned out to be more like a Dr Phil kinda thing.alt

  • rose petal
    rose petal

    Serendipity, go with your gut instinct. I've been on heaps of dates with guys from online. Remember, you have to kiss a lot of frogs to find the prince. I did, and I had given up looking! A few words of advice - just have fun, don't go looking for a prospective partner. rosepetal

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