Comments You Won't Hear at the 9/9/07 WT Study (ENDURANCE)

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  • anewme

    I am sorry my former relatives had to sit through such a discouraging Sunday meeting.
    When will it sink in that their organization is the problem?
    When was the last time they came out of a kingdum hall refreshed and happy?????
    Poor suckered things!

    I have a mind to print out this Watchtower Review with all of your comments and mail it to each one!

    Thankyou Mr. Watchtower Comments for the excellent review!!!!

  • The Oracle
    The Oracle

    here here Doubting Bro.

    And thanks for relating that excellent comment from the MS college grad. We need more comments like that to make people think.

    And whoever said they were going to print out the comments on the WT study from this forum, and mail it around to people in their congregation or to some family members, I would just like to say .....

    DO IT!

    More free-minded JWs and Ex-JWs need to take action like that in order to shake things up and get the masses streaming to the exit doors.....the movie is almost over and the plot really sucked. Two thumbs down for the WT.

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