Did U Ever Express Negative Comments About The Organization While U Were In

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  • stillajwexelder

    Oh hell yes -in fact almost the entire body did at one elders meeting I remember as vividly as if it were yesterday.

  • minimus

    At times you'd hear fellow elders questioning something said by a CO. I've seen some elders TRY to "readjust" a CO and it didn't work out well. "Mother" always supports their reps.

  • Stealth453

    Yep.That's what got me canned.

  • blueviceroy

    I'm under the impression that the bussiness model is used for walmart, jws, and I think the moonies sold jewelry as well

  • blondie

    I liked pointing out where individuals were off the mark of the bible and even the WTS. Out of the mouths of babes and women correction came, remember Abigail, and Jael, and Deborah, mighty women not afraid to say what was right.

  • stillajwexelder

    And Jehovah himself corrected Abraham and told him to listen to his wife

  • Justitia Themis
    Justitia Themis

    I try to stick to oneliners. I loved the "new light" regarding 1935. Whenever a Witness would talk about it, I would correct them by saying that it was NOT new light; Christendom has known it all along!

    No one had a come-back; no elder approached me.


  • jaguarbass

    I think in my last days, I questioned a lot of things. Things that the bible said that the witnesses were not aware of.

    The bible says things that conflict or contradict with many religious beliefs. Its a book of contradictions.

  • minimus

    They don't like hearing how good the women are. It means you're a "Jezebel".

  • rockhound

    Out in field service one morning, our car group was District and Circuit overseers in the back seat, and my son-in-law and I in the front seat. This was a setup, as I had recently sent the Circuit overseer a letter about what was going on in the congregation. The District overseer started with questions about my confronting the elders about their conduct, and in the process, I told him that I was sick and tired of the way the elders were treating the brothers in the congregation. He said that I was drawing a line in the sand by confronting them. I told him that when I see elders, I see pharisees, and that some times I want to grab them by the throat and throttle them. The long and short of it was that he said I should reach out and become an elder. I don't know how I didn't get disfellowshiped over that one.


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