Did U Ever Express Negative Comments About The Organization While U Were In

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  • minimus

    I was caught saying a few "truths" about the Organization to my tennis buddy whose family are Witnesses. He rather innocently related some things I expressed. The next thing I knew I was being asked by the PO if I had any issues with the Faithful Slave. When I asked why he would ever ask such a thing, he mentioned how he got a call from the elders in the family's Hall. I had mentioned how Witnesses used to celebrate birthdays but because people in the Bible were murdered during birthdays, Witnesses don't celebrate them. (It was the truth, wasn't it?)

    I mentioned the truth of how the Society regularly changed the dates for "The End". (Once again, all I expressed was the true facts).

    When I told him that my friend asked me questions and I was only giving him truthful answers, he backed off.

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  • snowbird

    When it was announced that there were to be no introductory comments before or no concluding comments after the Bible reading in the TMS, I expressed elation that we were finally going to allow God's Word to speak for itself.

    The TMS conductor stared at me for the longest of time. I knew then that I was a "marked" person. I began my fade shortly afterwards.


  • jambon1

    Relating to the opening post; If there is one thing that pisses me off about JW`s is how defensive they get when you simply present the facts. Birthdays, date setting, wedding rings, brides wearing white, etc, etc. They know that there is no basis for their stand at the moment or that it seems hypocritical to so one but rule out the other. That is why they get so upset. They know its a crock of bulshyte themselves! Or, on the other hand, 'how dare you question the org'. LMFAO!

  • eclipse

    I find it ironic that we catch flack for saying things that are simply factual.

    I asked many truthful questions while I was still active.

  • jgnat

    I was there for the "University is Bad" magazine study. I watched as a congregation member was roundly slapped down during Q & A, reminding him to stick close to the organization. I took the study leader to task after the meeting. He fed me a line of BS about people following their own conscience, but I reminded him that's not what he SAID during the talk.

    I ranted about young people's talents and futures being cut short, he smiled in bemused silence. After all what would I know, being a "worldly" person.

  • minimus

    The best way to expose "The Truth" is to be truthful. Don't slant the facts. Tell the real history of "Pastor" Russell and some of his interesting court cases and what he said under oath. Show exactly how many times the Watchtower flip flopped on issues and teachings. Show how God's chosen ones were really prejudiced against blacks. Etc.

  • zack

    A good friend recently told me that my comments about the borg were negative.

    So I asked: Are they true?

    So she answered: Yes.

    So I said: And aren't we supposed to love and speak truth to each other?

    She: Yes.

    I smiled: So I as your friend don't lie to you. I tell you truth. I show respect for you by not bullshitting you about anything, and you think that's negative?

    She pleaded: Just don't tell anyone else, okay?

    So there you have it. JW's don't want truth. The ones that do get the out. Have I ever been called to task? I suspect I will be left alone. I am committed to making life a living and expensive legal hell for anyone in the heirarchy who screws with me. And from what I have been able to discern in all my time as a JW, many of them as an elder, is that a JW's committment to the Borg stops well short of their individual wallets.

  • minimus

    JWS are trained, conditioned to be skeptical of hearing anything that might be eyebrow worthy. It's hardwired in the JWs DNA.

  • greendawn

    A few times for questioning the FDS's claim to have a monopoly of authority and inspiration in the org, and for suppressing freedom of speech and discussion of issues related to his doctrines.

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