Book: Captives of a Concept-... Illusionary Concept That Holds JW's Captive

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  • Blueblades

    Lady,I read it a couple of years ago and have been directing people's attention to it every chance I get. It's a keeper and will never go out of stlye. It's spot on and anyone with common sense and reasonableness can't help but come to the same conclusions as it's author, Don Cameron. Thanks again Don !


  • Terry

    All of the nice comments about the book makes even me want to read it. And I'm the one who wrote it!


    Don Cameron

    It makes the only important points worth making.

    Some many debunking books about JW's flail around pitting doctrine against doctrine instead of holding the JW's to THEIR OWN standard and demonstrating the failure!

    The rub is this. Knowing how to use it to the best benefit.

    Unless the casual reader does more than merely understand the arguments they'll not be effective in using it to pry JW's away from their self-mythology.

    A follow up book which demonstrates a praxis would be most helpful.


    mark for later

  • BluesBrother

    Sounds like a brilliant read - I hope that it helps many, many people.

    Btw.. I remember seeing a reprint of the very first Watchtower once. I recall thinking and saying what a pity it was that the opening statement in the inaugural magazine was totally wrong..It stated (in 1879) that Christ had already returned. Funny how I still carried on believing the Org, though.

  • carla

    I loved it! I always suggest this book. Easy to understand for a non jw too.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Good morning everyone and happy Saturday!!

    Don Cameron (the author of the book) just PMed me, and said that the best place to get the book is as it has current information added to the September KM..showing the Watchtowers dsperate attempt to control what JWs are reading. Anyhow..just thought you may want your own copy with the newest Watchtower BS in it.


    Lady Liberty

  • RollerDave

    whoah, updated?


    I'll have to go do that.

    A five buck pdf download is a heck of a deal.

    If I could shake the war dept loose of twenty bucks, I'd do a paper one.

    Don! thank you so much for writing that awesome book!


  • ninja

    this is my favourite book of all to help witnesses see the illusion they are under

  • ninja

    p.s Don could you autograph my 2 copies?

  • purplesofa

    i just ordered me a copy, pdf file



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