Book: Captives of a Concept-... Illusionary Concept That Holds JW's Captive

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  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Good Evening Everyone,

    Just started reading the book by Don Cameron a former Elder called Captives of a Concept-Understanding the Illusionary Concept That Holds Jehovahs Witnesses Captive. Holy Cow! This is another awesome book that is easy to read and understand, but is full of valuable information and reasoning points that could help us get some of our loved ones out! It is not a bashing book, but it is written in the same manner as COC, a examination of the facts. Here are a few points from the first couple of chapters that will give you a taste of the book:

    1. It is not necessary to disagree with their interpretation of Matthew 24:45-47. It is necessary to understand it, and then hold them to it.

    2. The most important point in Watchtower history is their teaching that Jesus appointed them over all his earthly intrests in the spring of 1919.

    3. It is evident that Jesus would not have made a decision in 1919 based upon what the Society is teaching today.

    4. The only way to know if the Watchtower Society is God's organization today is to examine the same teachings they say Jesus examined in 1918-1919.

    5. What the Society is doing or teaching today would not have entered into Jesus decision in 1919.

    6. The standards used to judge the Society's teachings are the same ones they use to judge everyone else.

    7. If Jesus Second Coming began in 1914 it means that neither Russell or Rutherford ever knew it. According to the Proclaimers book the date for Jesus Second Coming was not changed to 1914 until the year following Rutherfords death. Rutherford died in 1942.

    8. According to what they teach today, for thirty five years (1879 to1914) their magazine announced that Jesus was present when he wasn't. The title of the Watchtower magazine was "The Watchtower and Herald of Christ's Presence".

    9.If Jesus arrived in 1914 he would have had to knock for 29 years since they didn't realize he returned in 1914 until 1943.

    10. The Society's interpretation of Matthew 24:45-47 and what went on in their history do not agree.

    11. They had not been "faithful" by waiting for God to reveal the date of Christ's Second Coming. And they had not been "discreet" when they announced the wrong date not only down till 1919 but all the way down till 1943. (67 years).

    This really is a book you can't hardly put down. Have any of you read it yet?? What did you think of it??


    Lady Liberty

  • Gopher

    I haven't read this book, it sounds interesting. Thanks for the appetizer !

    I'd add that their doctrine that 1914 was the end of the "Gentile Times" is their shaky foundation for their 1918-1919 doctrine, that Jesus supposedly selected them at that time over all other religions claiming to be Christian.

    It goes without saying that 1914, being based on the inaccurate 607 BC date for the first destruction of Jerusalem, is a very dubious date upon which the WTS bases its authority.

  • What-A-Coincidence

    Great book: Wac gives it two palms up!

  • RollerDave


    I recommend this book about every third or fourth post I make, it seems.

    The flow of logic and the conclusions to which it leads are impeccable, the writing style is natural and easy to follow, and the layout is uncluttered and serves to enhance the material.

    God love Ray Franz, and I have spoken to him a few times, but there are times his sentence structure might be a little bit daunting for the intermediate reader; but Captives just lays it out so simply even my brother Tofu could follow it.

    I love how it doesn't even enter into futile arguments about the correctness of the WTS interpretations, just takes them as a given, and then proceeds to use WTS sources to blow logical holes in it you could drive a truck through.

    It's a gorgeous and glorious romp through the zany madcap world of watchtower where even if you accept that they believe what they say they believe, and use no outside sources, the Emperor STILL has no clothes!

    Everyone needs this book.


  • startingover

    IMO it's a must read book

  • The-Borg

    I've read this book, great logic and reasoning especially the section on how to talk to and teach a witness, never thought of that before. Only criticism is the layout - very hard to follow with little notes and references all over the place.

  • Grammy

    This really is a book you can't hardly put down. Have any of you read it yet?? What did you think of it??


    Lady Liberty

    I am in the process of reading this book now...

    if JW's would read it without their blinders on there would be a mass exodus out of the borg.

    Very good book!


  • fedorE

    Really? WOW..I met Don Cameron after I left in Niagara Falls, NY..and I cant tell you he was the nicest guy you can meet. (As i recall he was a chiropractor..oh my back!)...Cant wait to read his book!

  • t33ap80c

    Hi everyone,

    All of the nice comments about the book makes even me want to read it. And I'm the one who wrote it!


    Don Cameron
    P.S. I tried to register using my real name but couldn't get it to work.

  • Lady Liberty
    Lady Liberty

    Dear Don,

    WELCOME to the FORUM!!! We are thrilled to have you here!! What a awesome book!! Thank you, thank you!!


    Lady Liberty

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