Book: Captives of a Concept-... Illusionary Concept That Holds JW's Captive

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  • garybuss

    Hi Don,

    So right! The problem I had in reading the Proclaimers book is it's topical rather than chronological. The nice thing is, the Society was kind enough to OCR it and put it on the WT CD. It's called jv. The CD makes the book nicely searchable:-)

    I enjoy your book a lot Don and I enjoyed our exchanges while you were writing it. I learned a lot just by working along on the research with you.

    I like your short articles too. I wish you'd do more. You're one of the best thinkers I know as well as a kind person and a courteous poster. I mostly just hang out here so I might be missing you on other venues.

    Take care,

  • mentallyfree31

    I don't see how anybody can read Captives of a Concept and walk away thinking WT is God's organization. One of the best books out there. And it can pretty much be read in one long sitting.

  • maputo95

    I am ordering the book now!!

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