My story- Here goes!

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  • free2think

    That's so nice, both you and your husband coming out together. Thanks for sharing your story Younglove. Your experiences sound so similar to my own, i was raised in the troof, have an older sibling that is very much the zealous witless, and i always felt like i was the bad one lol. It just never sat right with me, and i never really 'got it.'

    Its great to have you here.

  • tula

    I'm rather new myself, but I guess I can say welcome also. It is a major plus that you and your husband are eye to eye. So many do not have even that much. You are both lucky and sensible.

    I think a lot of people (myself included) read many many posts on this board before ever coming forward. There are many touching stories here and I think you will find a lot of your own emotions and thoughts reflected. I think the posters on this board can offer validation, understanding, and a real sense of caring.

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Great post Younglove!!

    I envy you. I hope to have a similar success story to share here someday. Time will tell.

    Welcome to the Board!

    Open Mind

  • JK666

    Younglove 1999,

    Welcome to JWD, and thank you for sharing your story. I am glad that you and your husband are of like mind in leaving, many here are not so lucky.


  • Stealth453

    Welcome, and congratulations on making your decision.



  • greendawn

    Welcome, there is a great advantage in that both you and your spouse are moving out together otherwise you could have ended up separating as happened to so many couples.

  • Hortensia

    yes, although I am so happy for each of you that you were able to face how you really felt about the org. and get out, it is so much nicer that your partner feels the same and that you can support each other. Maybe it will even cement your relationship further as you now realize how much alike you are and how you can trust each other enough to tell the truth.

  • kitten whiskers
    kitten whiskers

    Welcome! It was nice reading your story. I am glad you both left together too! My hubby had mentally left months before I actually finally left. When you are scared to leave you would actually view that phone call as, "Maybe Jehovah is trying to save me and he is using this elder. I shouldn't have been on this website." The fear and paranoia are immense! So glad to see it isn't gripping you! It is just a funny happening! Happiness and blessings to you and your little family!
    Kitten Whiskers
    P.S. Your daughter will never have to be the odd one in class, and you will never have to miss any of her birthdays! I remember our daughter's first birthday was so hard to not celebrate. It broke my heart more than I ever could have thought! She finally got to celebrate on her 7th birthday! And it has been so much fun! (Our neighbors helped us celebrate the first one and break us in! A brother showed up on our doorstep as they were leaving at 9pm and we just finished the cake! Ugh! No, it was not the holyspirit, unless it was trying to show how crazy it is to be in fear of living your life!)

  • Bobbi

    Welcome!!!!! It was great to hear your story!


  • Twitch


    Thank you for sharing your story. Positivity in action.

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