amgdn survivialists: stockpiling beans and rice?

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  • Bonnie_Clyde
    Awake sept 2007 deals with natural diasters page 7 is titled "Are you equipt to flee? It recommends having a "Go Bag" ready for any emergency, filled with maps food/water flashlight, first aid kit etc. A pictures shows a concerned dad grabbing his "Go bag" while his wife and child look scared in the background. You see, the faithful slave is always one step ahead of you! My Armegedon "go bag" is ready

    This is the absolute first time I ever remember the WT putting anything in print suggesting that we should be prepared for a natural disaster--other than the letter that was read to a few congregations after the Katrina disaster.

    Actually, I think this is good advice, but they need to go much further. What happens if there is a disaster and you can't leave your home? Clyde and I personally have enough on hand to last several months. We regularly use our stock and replace it so it doesn't get out of date. We also keep lanterns and a generator in case the power goes out. We figure it's better than having money in the bank.

  • jaguarbass

    What you talkin about Willis? Armegedon came and went back in 75.

    Are they fireing up another one?

    I wouldnt sweat it you wont even notice.

    If you life in Florida you might get a sinkhole or two.

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