amgdn survivialists: stockpiling beans and rice?

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  • Narkissos

    In 1973-4, in the context of the oil crisis which triggered some panic and episodic shortages, which local JWs of course interpreted as the real beginning of the real end, my JW father started stockpiling flour, sugar, rice etc. -- a full room of them. I remember raising, among others, the "faith" and "how about those who can't afford to stockpile" objections then, to no avail: sort of realism within the insanity...

  • Mum

    Long ago when I was a dub, we were instructed not to stockpile because the brothers would have whatever was needed and distribute it. I also remember warnings that the desperately hungry would rob whatever stores we had anyway. Midwich Cuckoo posted that she remembered the same thing. This emergecy kit is something new as far as I know.

    Don't worry. The Mormons are stockpiling enough for everybody.



  • BrentR

    The Mormons that I know also have firearms in order to protect what they have stored.

  • tula

    how horrible! (the guns) I have never tasted beans that were worth killing for!

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Beans and Rice, sounds like only the Puerto Ricans are going to survive Armageddon

  • worldtraveller

    Actually if you travel to Jamaica, ask for a dish called rice and peas. A Jamaican staple. I usually mix some boiled rice with maple flavour baked beans. Sounds like crap, but it is very nice, and fat free. The next day every one around me pays for it.

  • eclipse
    well, maybe not so much Armageddon as stockpiling for the "Great Tribulation" when no one will be able to "buy or sell" without "THE MARK".

    Can someone explain what this means? As a JW I have never heard this theory before. It sounds intriguing.

  • Stealth453

    My da'd brother's wife, active dub, has a survival kid beside the front door, and so do many of her friends.

    Beans, canned everything, water, candles, a radio, and batteries......

    She claims that they were told to prepare such things.


  • parakeet

    JWs who stockpile food obviously have no faith that Jehovah will provide.

    Hey all you dubs out there in Lurkland! Ever hear of manna and the lilies of the field?

  • greendawn

    I never heard of any JWs stockpiling food, but then I met the JWs after the 1975 end of times hysteria. There will never be an armageddon in the context that they imagine.

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