New Marriage Arrangement Rumor?

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  • Vidiot

    Can't get married (i.e. laid) unless you're an MS!

    Anthony Morris III pulls New Light out of his ass (although, frankly, I'm a little surprised they haven't come up with this one sooner, actually).

  • Tempest in a Teacup
    Tempest in a Teacup

    One night this senseless rule came out of a smelly person's reflections on life.

    At the other side of the planet, a "zealous and spiritual" , well meaning sister will meet a brother who doesn't fit this temporary-only-apply-it-to-others criteria. She will ditch him, convinced that she's doing the right thing.

    She'll go marry somebody who'll be a mismatch to her, but she'll see him as okay because he falls under this 'good brother' category.

    She'll end up regretting her decision when she'll see that people who invented this rule are letting their own kids marry whoever they want.

    And life will go on in jw world with bitterness...

    T in a T

  • Hairtrigger

    So now that the GB controls all the pussy in their kingdom, what's next? How many times you are allowed to feed pussy?

    MS if yu feel all right yu skip the morning but once at night.

    Service overseer, you have a beer and twice at night with good cheer

    Watchtower reader, you are a feeder. so twice both times between a breather

    Chairman sir ,com'on! Duh! as many times as you can toggle her

    Elders all, have a ball! With little children in the hall

    CO Damn! Wham! Bam! Don't forget the after" Thank you maam".

    GB !Whine! All- pussy's in a bind. Like to be fed - from behind

    They scream ,rave and rant. "Spanx. I'm a bitch! Uppity-up my tight pant!!"

  • eyeuse2badub

    I bring up the "tight pants Tony" rant every time I get a chance. I absolutely love that he made such a stupid suggestion about not being a ms by 23 indicates that something is amiss. There are several young sisters in the congregation (that I use to attend) and I mention Tony's statement to them when ever I can which make my wife a bit irritated-----but, as I tell her, it was the 'brother of Christ' that said it not me.

    just saying!


  • SAHS

    “Hairtrigger”: Elders all, have a ball! With little children in the hall.


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