New Marriage Arrangement Rumor?

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  • Thoughtless


    So, I haven't lurked here in a long while however, I have been checking up more frequently and I saw that there is a rumor going around about getting barred from marriage if the brother not appointed by the time he is 23. Is that true? If it is, I am so screwed haha. Proud fader present within college.

  • OneEyedJoe

    I strongly doubt that it's going to be a rule as such, but in the US zone visit, AM3 said that a sister married a guy that was 23 and not an ms and she "payed for that won decision"

    In the end, it probably won't change much of anything. The girls that are so super dub that they'd obey that bs rule would only want to marry an ms anyway. If anything it's probably just going to help save a few men from marrying the super cultist women, so he's really doing them a favor.

  • Pete Zahut
    Pete Zahut
    One of the Governing Body members mentioned in a talk something to the effect that it would be unwise for young sisters to be interested in a brother if he's 23 years old and hasn't been made a Ministerial Servant yet. There's no mandate about it but it's frowned upon....which makes the pickings even slimmer for the young Sisters and puts more pressure on the young Brothers to live up to someone else's expectations but it could serve to push some over the edge and give up altogether.

    What usually happens in the Borg is that a Heavy 7 will state something like this in a high level talk eg zone visit and then the elders reinterpret and reinvent this as a "rule" and then it becomes the "local rule"/

    eg It was never specifically said that the Big A was coming in 1975 but the mass hype and hysteria shows that dubs reinterpreted it, started cashing out etc and the WTS loved it ! They did NOTHING to stop the hype and of course when CO's and DO's started reinforcing the "new rule" it became Law !

    So don't be surprised if a young man gets told off -

    What is now definitely a trend in my part of the world is that couples are marrying at 17 or 18 Just attended a wedding last year where the lady of 18 had just finished her final year at High School [Called Matriculation] and got engaged within a month of that - Dec and hitched in May/ All with everyone's blessing of course - so maybe they are trying to cap young marriages. Kids are horny as hell these days so they cant risk the DF'ing [they got baptised at 6, 7 or 8 anyway not so ? ] so they have a 10 year investment in the Borg at risk !

  • zeb
    the wts is champion at rumours
  • konceptual99
    There is no rule regarding this. AM intimated that a "wise" sister might want to question the spiritual goals of a brother if he was not appointed as a MS by 23 but that's a way off any kind of ban. Sure there might be a handful that treat it like a rule but it's not going to affect the vast majority.
  • Divergent
    Anthony Morris is good at creating man-made laws. An excellent example of a modern day Pharisee!
  • notsurewheretogo
    The WT wouldn't create an official rule like that but they imply it...
  • Pistoff

    It was never specifically said that the Big A was coming in 1975 but the mass hype and hysteria shows that dubs reinterpreted it, started cashing out etc and the WTS loved it !

    Please stop insinuating that leadership didn't set us up for 1975; they did.

  • snugglebunny
    When I became engaged to a wiitness girl, the CO's wife asked me if I had checked her record card to make sure that she was worthy of being a wife.

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