New Marriage Arrangement Rumor?

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  • ToesUp
    snugglebunny. Sounds like a typical CO's wife. We all know someone's record card shows their true character. We have been married for 32+ years and our record cards have always sucked. I guess we should call it quits. lol

    I am not insinuating anything of the sort Pistoff - I think we were well and truly set-up and you may have noticed I said " they loved it that way" - ie I insinuated that "leadership" insinuated ...............Oh lawd I'm getting giddy again - Where is my THC tincture ???

    You are definitely not feeling yourself today are you Pistoff?

  • Slave4_38y
    Ha ha ha, Afrikanman. Is it Durban poison or Swazi Gold? Can't imagine what you guys in Slaapstad get . . .

    Slave4_38y - Hey shoo wow - like totally organic - fully !

    Mind you we have just had 5 days of major mountain fire with houses destroyed and Tuesday the city was the hottest city on the planet [fact] at 47-50 + deg C

  • DesirousOfChange

    Since when have 2 JW kids waited until 23 yo to marry?

    I'd suggest that more have needed their parents approval (to marry before 18yo in the US) than have ever waited past the age of 23.


  • WTWizard
    Watch as they buff the enforcement of this rule. Jupiter is entering celibate Virgo this coming August, and I would be looking for them to start enforcing it around then. And, even without an official pronouncement from the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger in this matter, all it takes is for a hounder to rule it "brazen conduct". Not to mention I would expect them to expound on this during the coming Grand Boasting Session or the following big boasting session.
  • blondie

    I remember in my early 20's and single in the pre-1975 days. we were told to quiz the elders about any single brother's spiritual qualifications before dating them. A few elders left out important facts.

    I remember getting a call from a jw about a brother in my area. She was from California and did not want to travel if he had serious flaws. She had already talked to 2 elders in his congregation and said he was a great catch. When she told me his name I was astounded. This brother was recently divorced for molesting his daughter and one of her friends but not reproved or df'd for that but because he took his wife hostage at gunpoint and was arrested by the police (left that fact out too)

    So judging someone unfit because they aren't an MS yet.........I guess Tony thinks they are okay if they are an MS and a pedophile.

    She was so glad she thought to call me.

  • ToesUp
    It's all about the outward appearance. One of the available "brothers" who had "spiritual qualifications" was one of biggest pot heads and loved his booze.
  • SAHS

    It’s obvious that the real consideration of the desirability of a person’s character (brother or sister) is only as it relates to the alignment with the Watchtower organization. So, if a brother is a real loser, has a grade five education, lives in a homeless shelter and makes a living begging for quarters, molests kids as a hobby, has a habit of slapping women whenever they say something he doesn’t particularly like, . . . . but he always has his Watchtower underlined/highlighted, submits a minimum “healthy” number of hours on his service time slip, seems to follow the petty rules (like no beards, no clinking glasses/toasting, no saying “happy birthday” or “happy Mother’s/Father’s Day), and (most importantly) doesn’t challenge or even question any teachings or policies of the Watchtower organization, . . . . then, well, he gets an official five-star rating from the local starched-shirt elders and circuit overseer.

    In other words, apparently what counts is, not the quality of his metal, but the color of his nose (i.e., brown!).

  • Magwitch

    This is how I interpreted AM's talk from a couple of months ago........If you are in your early 20's and are an MS then you have your choice of beautiful young JW virgins to choose from.

    The Middle East comes to mind.......

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