GOD: GOING...going....going.....GONE!! The Slow fade.

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  • changeling

    Maybe he was afraid humans would DF him!


  • Anti-Christ

    This boy, while he is casually chatting, makes some little figures out of clay and animates them. They become activated and run around like tiny little people getting into all sorts of difficulties. The boy named "Satan" disposes of them in various ways with utter contempt and disdain.

    I find some weird and interesting parallels between the bible's God and Twain's Satan.

    That's very weird because yesterday I just saw a baned cartoon on you tube about that very story. It's stop animation. I think the kid's show is called the adventures of Mark Twain or something like that.

  • Terry
    That's very weird because yesterday I just saw a baned cartoon on you tube about that very story. It's stop animation. I think the kid's show is called the adventures of Mark Twain or something like that.

    That's the very stop motion film that clued me to the existence of the Twain book.

  • watson

    In ancient times God was very anthropomorphic. He walked in the Garden "in the breezy part of the day".

    He talked to man.

    He was suprised by events.

    He asked questions as though he needed information.

    He was emotional and spontaneous. Angry at Adam and Eve and cursing the serpent one minute and warning Cain the next.

    It was all kind of like a High School performance of a stilted play.

    That's the God I want!!

  • Terry

    That's the God I want!!

    Don't forget his other pesky attributes!

  • B_Deserter

    I've thought of the same thing too. In the Bible we see a very real God who intervenes in the day-to-day lives of his servants. Then, he relegates himself to just talking to a select few "prophets" and intermediaries. Then, the last time he talks to a group of people is at Jesus' baptism. Going off on a bit of a tangent, I really like Asimov's "The Last Question" as it deals with the possibility of God in a way that most people don't think of.


    You guys are so far above me, intellectually that is, (sorry, not many can beat my sense of humor and charm) that sometimes it actually hurts my head to read these things.

    Ahhh, but this pain is good as I try to wrap my stunted little mind around your writings.

    I love Mark Twain, I just got a book of short stories a few years ago at a dusty old book store. My memory escapes me but I remember there was a story that I found fascinating. I'll have to look it up.

  • Sasha

    At this time you can really see the separation of the Goats and sheep....Wait tilll after the election, and the New president pulls the troops out and the middle east will get it's nuclear stuff together and threaten Isreal, and by then the climate ofthe earth will be hot as hell... and there will be no food and pestilence willl break out, etc.and the armegedon will come. (And I'm not even a Witness) I feel one would have to be in quite a denial not to see the world following the Bible)

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge
    The Disappearance of God is a function of the gradual sophistication of man's intellect.

    Sounds like the same assertion for the past couple of hundred years - Why then hasn't God completely faded?

    Religion remains because of the strong and inveterate attachment we have emotionally to the bonding of childhood when anything was possible.

    Then why do some people "find" God when they're adults and educated?.... (something tangible is going on)

    Santa and God are only kept alive when we replay the entire scenario for our children and vicariously experience the wonder and miracle of fantasy through them.

    hmmm, apples and oranges..... I do believe that most adults do not still believe in Santa Claus - however, a real belief in God can only be sustained when one has had a genuine experience with the Creator.

  • journey-on
    when one has had a genuine experience with the Creator

    This is why people won't...can't...shouldn't...throw out the baby with the bath. There are real and truly life-changing experiences that cause those that have them to absolutely without a doubt KNOW an intelligent creator exists and moves through man's evolution, not only the physical evolution, but the spiritual one as well.

    Those who can't grasp this, don't get it and probably never will. They will just continue to put forth the idea that those who believe in this Divine Intelligence are somehow intellectually inferior, when I think it may be just the other way around. But, because they don't "get it" and can't envision it with their limited senses, they stupidly think they are the ones intellectually superior. It's quite laughable really and a bit pathetic to see otherwise intelligent people discard what is obviously real in the lives of others.

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