What irritates the JWs most?

by greendawn 27 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • mrsjones5

    the song "Amazing Grace" my mother can't stand that song...I wonder why?

  • carla

    Bringing up the pedophile problem within the org and being able to name individual court cases.

    As for jehovah, any jw I have had the displeasure of talking to learns right off the bat I do not accept the made up name, nor do I accept the NWT at all. They somehow do no appreciate me being able to point the wt that clearly states that jehovah is not correct, blah, blah, blah or that the wt's have stated that all bibles are useful or whatever the jwism is. So I guess the Sept KM will dash that argument for me.

  • changeling

    When you ask them what their child is doing now that they've graduated high school, and they answer: "clean toilets and pioneer", and you say "I'm so sorry, he was such a bright little thing".


  • Sarah Smiles
    Sarah Smiles

    Tell them that the bibles says they will be report of wars and one is not to worry about end of times if they are depending on Jehovah! They are speaking doctrine versus bible to do their research!

    I think they irritates us! What irritates US? [email protected] end of times crap! Is that going to be your next topic,sorry.

  • choosing life
    choosing life

    Taking away their buzzwords.

    field service-member recruitment

    kingdom hall-church

    brother and sister-joe and susan


    in the truth-thoroughly indoctrinated

    armegeddon-mass genocide

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Information about them

  • dobbie

    telling them theyr're brainwashed and mind controlled, i know they hate that one cos i've tried it out already lol

  • R.F.
    the song "Amazing Grace" my mother can't stand that song...I wonder why?

    Because Dubs didn't write it.

  • johnny cip
    johnny cip

    according to where i'm in a conversation with any jw. i use terms like. can't you defend your false gospel of 1914? DOPE PEDDLER, unqualified to even read to me from the bible, watchtower witness, worshipper of the wts, idolizer of a publishing co., hater of the cross, rejector of christs commands to eat the bread and wine, memorial ( SATANIC RITUAL), are you counting time just standing here like a dope ,with that rolled up wt mag in your hand.? is that a PAGAN TIE your wearing? I have so much and can stop any jw dead in his tracks with one or two lines. and i'm not going to tell my storys about yesterdays anti witless work. to graphic for this boards modorators...

  • dedpoet

    When we find stuff out about them before the majority of jws outside Brooklyn,
    and discuss it on boards like this one, that annoys them.

    The kn37 campaign from last October was an example of that. We had copies
    of the tract on here a couple of months before most jws saw it, and I put it on
    my website and emailed or posted copies to most of the local churches, as well
    our neighbours, long before the jws started their didstribution, so when they came
    round with it, many of our neighbours said "oh, we've already seen that, Trev and
    Linda showed it us", which pissed them off somewhat. We got labelled as
    "dangerous apostates" for that one.

    When gb member Carey Barber died in April, I told a couple of jws I happened to
    see while I was out with the dog. It was on;y a few days after the event, and the
    news hadn't spread far then. They asked how I knew, and I told them that the
    news came directly from Brooklyn bethel, like all the advance notice of what
    the org is doing does. You should have seen their faces - wished I'd had a
    camera handy.

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