What irritates the JWs most?

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  • greendawn

    Having already started a thread about JW actions that irritated us the issue has to be completed by discussing what we did or can do to irritate them.

    I would say wearing a cross would vex or even frighten them since they think it's a satanic symbol. Or drawing a cross on a KH with chalk and writing above it : Jesus Christ Lord of the Church.

    The JWs don't like to hear that Jesus is Lord or to see the word church mentioned due to the Judaic influences that control their organisation. For them everything revolves around jehovah the vindictive God of the OT and the defunct Mosaic law.


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  • dobbie

    well i've got a sign on my door saying no religious callers, and that has REALLY annoyed my elder step fil lol!

    I also thought i might mention if he tries pestering us again that i don't wish to talk about religion to someone i regard as an apostate and mention that i think the GB are the evil slave class. I just know that will really get under his skin and serve him right for trying to hassle hubby. I'd like to hear some more suggestions too though as i'm sure there'll be better ones.

  • journey-on

    Not using the name Jehovah seems to irritate them. In a conversation with my JW sister, I used the word "God" several times. She interrupted me and irritatingly said, "He DOES have a name, you know."

  • VM44

    being called members of a cult. JWs can't stand anyone saying that, even though it is true.


    VM44.."CULT"..You are soooooooo right!..They do not like being called a "Cult"..I do it all the time..It makes them crazy..LOL!!...OUTLAW

  • Mum

    Walking right up to them, with a big smile and a hearty greeting when they are trying to shun you. It's best if a lot of people are around to witness the witness being witless.

  • journey-on
    Walking right up to them, with a big smile and a hearty greeting when they are trying to shun you.

    I love that one, too! Not complying with their rules just irks them to no end.

  • OnTheWayOut

    How about saying that their "church" members "sell" their literature which is based on
    their strange "interpretation" of the Bible?

    How about saying that their "leaders" in Brooklyn measure faithfulness by how much
    effort their members put into "recruiting" for converts?

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    Homerovah the Almighty

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