How many of you still believe in God or are still Christians?

by JWCartPusher 57 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • Ucantnome

    How do I keep my faith?

    for me not a lot changed other than i could not support the preaching of the 'good news' as a witness.

  • Viviane
    Explain how the first living cell came into being using the laws of thermodynamics

    Explain how computers work using a cake recipe.

    Especially the second "things tend towards disorder."

    Explain how random elements (dirt, seed, water) can become cake.

    Also explain morality

    If people need a book condoning and commanding slavery, rape, murder, abortion and genocide to teach them how to be good, they don't have any independently good morality?

  • millie210

    Hi JWCartPusher, Like your name - sense of humor!

    I am a believer with agnostic leanings at the moment. I would find atheism a relief if that is what ends up being 'The TRUTH". No fear of that, I just want to know whats true.

    After only talking to JWs most of my life, I was surprised to find some (not all) atheists are just as preachy as Christians. They just are on a different team - same need to recruit others.

    So what I am doing for now, is I search out people who seem happy (I am not talking about people who TELL me they are happy) then I question them to see what there beliefs about life are.

  • Logos

    Cofty - sorry new to the forum so not sure how I quote you on my phone.

    anyway in response to you question what books I've read on evolution, not many books cover to cover, I have however studies it in great detail from research papers as part of my medical science degree at Edinburgh university. One of my courses focused on the origin and diversity of life. The first lecturer got up and said "as a result of your studies this year many of you will loose your faith"

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Not surprising since the function of religious belief is emotional comfort.

    Education is to be "led out," to be taken to a place where by our internal thinking alone, we could not have be shown evidence for realities which other individuals have spent many lifetimes researching. This is the glory of education.

    Religious faith however is a more primitive urge, it is sustained by credulity. It is a suspension of the logical thinking process and the pride of the believer is the certainty of his or her faith. Possession of this unshakable belief pays an emotional dividend which scientific knowledge cannot so readily supply. Belief based on religious hope short-circuits the more sober responsibility to lead a prudent life based on knowable things and their outcomes. We have a choice.

  • cantleave

    Logos in response to you question what books I've read on evolution, not many books cover to cover.

    Evolution is a proven fact with many lines of evidence. I am not sure if you understand the difference between abiogenesis and evolution from your questions on this post.

  • opusdei1972

    I don't reject the idea of the existence of superior beings yet (whatever be their nature). However, the idea of a loving poweful god which is preached by the churches is false.

    Read "The God's Problem" by Bart Ehrman, I strongly recomend it.

  • cofty
    not many books cover to cover - Logos

    Is that not many or not any? Why not make that a long-term project?

    May I suggest the following authors?

    Sean B. Carroll, Nick Lane, Donald Prothero, Neil Shubin, Jerry Coyne and of course Richard Dawkins.

    As for your question on godless morality I really would love to discuss it with you if it is a genuine question.

  • cappytan

    Don't be afraid of Dawkins either.

    Start with Dawkins' first book - The Selfish Gene.

    I've been devouring that little by little for a few weeks now, and it's excellent. It's all about genetics and evolution and doesn't (yet) comment on God much at all one way or the other.

  • steve2

    I think JWcartpusher you may by now be re-thinking posting here.

    If you are seeking reassurance or comfort, this is perhaps not the first forum I would recommend; if, however, you are willing to muster the courage to learn to think critically and to use your reasoning skills (in contrast to your emotional skills), this is an ideal forum.

    You decide.

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