How many of you still believe in God or are still Christians?

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  • opusdei1972
    Neanthertals existed well before the supposed Adam.
  • Viviane
    The point I was trying to make is there is a big difference between the consciousnesses of man and the origin of the species.

    How could humans have evolved into humans but not have consciousness?

    The majority of archaeologists agree that the cradle of civilization is Mesopotamia Iraq roughly 6000-10000 years ago.

    That pushed back to 12000 years now, in the Levant with a 13000 year old temple in Turkey pushing it even further back, cave drawings, etc., pushing it even FURTHER back.

  • Clambake

    The greater point is in a relative short period of time or blink of a second in evolutionary terms, wherever it be 6000,10000 or 40000, this creature called the homo sapien has somehow separated himself from the other creatures of the planet with a certain consciousness and cognitive ability that no other creature seems to have.

    The idea that something pointless and random just happened to our brains is just another form of deism.

  • steve2

    Clambake, with all due respect, your comments betray a dreadfully poor grasp of the vast amount of time involved in evolution, borne out by so much documented evidence.

    You could do worse that pick up one of Richard Dawkin's books which pain-stakingly step readers through what was involved.

    It would be kind of unfortunate if your level of misinformation and conjecture did not evoke in you some embarrassment because at least the sense of embarrassment would cause you be a more cautions in what you assert evolutionists teach.

  • Viviane
    Something random? I've no idea what you're talking about.
  • cofty
    I've no idea what you're talking about

    Neither does Clambake.

  • millie210
    From belief in some Sky Daddy, God or Creator to belief that there might have been a God, god, gods or someone who put things in place. How do you keep your faith after getting burned by the Watchtower? I need help trying to keep my faith that God still cares about us, my goal is to see if it's possible to be involved in a personal relationship with the Creator and his Son, or if your Buddhist or Hindu, or anyone who believes in a Higher Power that keeps you going. If I am still ambiguous please let me know,
    We all were programmed with a "false dilemma' or "false choice" by the Watchtower, "If they don't have the Truth, nobody does!' How did you overcome the nagging feeling that we failed to keep ourselves sharp?

    The way that I am working on that feeling is to view this time right now as a chance to get sharp for real.

    I dont regret my JW years (momentary feelings of that but not deep ones ) because it lead me here. Critical thinking to me, involves using all the resources I have available. The world is deep and vast and no one has the answers. Different people have different small pieces.

    JWCartPusher, have you ever heard of the Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI)? There are various combinations of styles of being that make up the human population. Thinking is not better than feeling. Intuitive learning isnt "better" than senses style learning. They are all just labels for the various ways we interpret this experience we call life.

    So to me, that means that we are all free to follow our own style of learning as we find our way. I am learning to appreciate people who dont feel the need to preach their views, Who have more questions than answers and who like to explore and discuss.

    It was mentioned up thread that maybe this wasnt the best place for you to begin. I disagree. This is where I have begun and I am doing great!

    Just weed through and find what works for you. Listen to people and ask honest questions. Pay special attention to people who are humble and readily tell you they dont have the answers - they are honest and wise, always a nice combination.

  • LV101

    JWCP - Stay tuned and you will learn from some phenomenally, intelligent ones in the science realm. Knowledge is the key.


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