Aren't we really the pioneers?

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  • purplesofa
    I think artist are leading the way outward as well.

    musicians? actors? Bono's work, Oprahs work, this list goes on

    Things like the Live Earth movement?

    is this what you mean?


  • frankiespeakin

    Yes, where ever creative imagination is used and the breaking of rules come to play. But as far as Oprah is concerned I would say no she got her materialistic empire that keeps her busy IMO.

  • purplesofa


    I agree, artists are really making a statement and have a huge influence on alot of people as well. this is not like the sixties, whats going on is very positive.


  • WTWizard

    A true pioneer is one that blazes a path, preparing the way for others to follow. It matters not how much time you spend doing that. As long as you are preparing a path for others to go where no one has been before, you are pioneering in the truest sense of the word. It can mean creating some value at work, exposing the Watchtower Society in ways that they have never been exposed, constructing a new forum and working to make it good (as opposed to merely throwing one together), or even helping blaze the Internet into areas where it doesn't yet exist.

    In this sense, many of us have pioneered on this forum at one time or another. Any time you post something that makes someone think in ways where no one else has, you are leading people into new territory. Whether you become a Supreme One in 4 months or stay a newbie for 6 years, you can be a pioneer if you put something up that represents new thinking patterns. A two-liner may do just fine for some; others might post 10 screens and create new patterns of thinking. Both are examples of pioneering in the truest sense. And it needn't be a burden.

    Unlike the nominal pioneers in the Tower, they are not leading anywhere. They just go out more than everyone else. They do not blaze new trails or help people to think in ways that no one else has ever been. All they do is bicamerally follow orders from Brooklyn, and do it for a longer period of time than everyone else. This is not pioneering, whether they get 15 minutes or 744 hours a month!

  • writetoknow

    I think that search ends in belonging when we can trust God has always been there for us. And our lives are not chance but directed into new experience and people. Most of those people are issues dealing with control in someway. Learnig to thank God for the blessings that come from those experiences and forgiving those that control us.

    Understanding it is exactly what was told us at some point in our hearts that we always knew that we must conquer in this life through faith in God. Learning that we must never subject our freedom to anyone on earth; knowing we knew but could not understand until it was God's timing. Understanding that our preconceive thoughts and ideas our not God's thoughts and never were. Learning that what ever condemns even our own hearts God always encourages us and forgive us when we can not understand or forgive ourselves.

    Some how knowing that every person must learn the same lessons that we are going through and although promises seem to have been delayed they are always moving forward and being fulfilled opposite our ways but the way the should be.

    Instinctively knowing we are being taught mercy in areas of life where we do not want to go, but are made too. Although we are alone we are made to deal with problems not of our own making and when we stop defending we are defended.

    Some how letting go we are taken and care for resting in faith, but can't. Understanding all things but not understanding the world around us.

  • purplesofa


    thank you for your post and welcome to the board



    Purps, I really like the way you put that.

  • prophecor

    Many of us are like those pioneers who forged the plains in search of a better tomorrow. They suffered thier own difficulties. Disease, death by the sword, bow and arrow. There are many things to take on in this life of being a pioneer. Families who will no longer speak to you, friends who you thought were friends, willing to lead you before a tribunal in order to have you executed before a firing squad of JC's.

    Its a lonely life on the front lines of battle against hypocracy, misguided faith, and misdirected deeds of good intent. Its a frightening life, as it is a lot of uncovered territory. Only those who choose to stand in the defense of Truth will be able to grow beyond the people who prefer complacency.

    " This is all I need at this time. If the society doesn't see fit to make adjustments at the moment, then I'll just wait on Jehovah to rectify the situation "

    While waiting, many have lived a life, less than. Others have died in thier ignorance. Worse yet, others may have died in thier sins, for having left and went on to become even worse people than they were before they came into the Kingdom Halls. What kind of damage has been left in the wake of these individuals. What kind of psychic tragedy keeps playing itself out in the lives of those they came into contact with?

    Truth must be sought out, at all cost!

  • Eliveleth

    purps, finally-free, Narkissos, writetoknow, Propecor,

    I have never read a thread more poetic and one that I totally understand and relate to. Freedom from the WT has been a real journey for all of us. We have all gone in different or similar directions, but we all understand where we have come from. I do not hate the Watchtower, who I am today is because of all I went through. This site has helped so many people. When my husband and I came out in 1983, if there was an Internet, we did not have access to it. We felt so alone. My brother-in-law, who had left before us had been in Bethel, a CO and a DO so he knew a lot of people who had left and he put us in touch with them. At one time, I was writing to 30 different people. The Internet has made it a lot easier. I am so glad to be part of such an encouraging group of people.

    Love you all,


  • theMartian

    PurpleSofa- this board is Pioneering the Way to new lows of... entertainment!

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