I'm on a bit of a mission

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  • PaulJ

    Isn't it supposed to be 3 times for emphasis???

  • changeling

    I'm older then you and live in a different state then where I grew up, so looking up people from the past is a little more diffucult and may be more pointless. But if I were younger and closer, I do believe I would.

    Good luck in your search,


  • nvrgnbk

    If you give it too much thought to what we've lost, it can be overwhelming.

    Good luck, PaulJ.

    Connections are everpresent. Remain aware and open, and you'll find many.

  • Hortensia

    I have connected with two people from my JW past, which was very meaningful for me, as they have both left the org. In fact, actually they found me - one here on the forum, and one by googling my name and emailing me. There are a couple more I think about, wonder what happened to them. Can't find them on the internet, so don't suppose I'll ever track them down.

  • monophonic

    hi paulj,

    so you were "in" when college was ok? do you remember info and talks explaining why it was ok? i'm interested in the flip flopping of 'higher education' and their lame explainations that go along with it.

    best of luck connecting with your old friends.....i have old 'worldly' friends who i'd like to find and apologize to for trying to study with them. ug!

  • jwfacts

    It is a great idea to catch up with old friends. In the last 2 years I have met up with probably 30 exJWs that I knew over the years. I am very close with about 10 now, in fact most of my best friends are friends I had as JWs previously. However, I met a few of my closest friends from my teen years and our lives have really grown in different directions over the last 20 years.

  • Hermano

    I was looking to chat with ex-jw's whom I grew up with via this site, but it looks like the fine people of Boston, MA don't have internet access yet. Oh well. So I know what you mean about seeking the old friends. Good luck!

  • PaulJ

    monophonic- college was a bit of a tetchy subject to be honest, even when I went. However what WAS accepted was that not everyone 'could' pioneer so I was def in that catagory. I had already auxillary pioneered during the winter and summer months when I had more time to do so, that could be why I was left to get on with college. I'm trying to remember the talks, I think the main jist was that ultimately you work to serve God better, have the option of a good job to support you while you pioneer etc. I think ultimately, as long as you were seen to be doing the correct things- field service, meeting attendance etc you could do what you wanted secularly.

  • unique1

    Oddly enough most of my school friends had forgotten I was a JW. It was such a big deal to me, but apparently not to them. Good luck at locating them. I suggest myspace.com or facebook.com

  • sweetstuff

    Facebook is a great tool for finding old friends, as the poster above mentioned. Mind you, most of the JW friend I had were self righteous idiots, hmm, yeah, not in a hurry to find some of them, even if they have left.

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