If Your Spouse Told The Elders On U, Is That a Marital or Religious Problem

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  • flipper

    LOVER OF TRUTH- You certainly speak the truth on that one. When my ex had betrayed our confidential trust to good friends and the elders, as the good book says, " all things were naked and openly exposed. No pun intended." So it totally killed any feeling of love for her. She could no longer be trusted at all. Worked out for the best though, I'm happy now

  • minimus

    Hi Flipper. I just read your response as I was away for a few days.

    "Yet, you seem to be treating this as an abhorrent sin, Minimus"....No way! I'm 100% in agreement regarding a couple's sex life being between them and regarding the "abhorrent sin", I like it! But JWs do not accept this "homosexual" behavior to be ok. In elders schools, we were clearly told that unless someone was promoting or it became public knowledge, that we shouldn't get involved. BUT it was still clearly wrong according to the Society...Flip, just remember something, just because something's in writing, it doesn't necessarily make it law. In this case, the "oral" law directed thru the COs were the teachings that were enforced.

  • minimus

    Flipper, read the new thread on the OCT 15th WT. on oral sex and page 1, Gopher's comment.

  • IP_SEC
    that not only are they doing the right, proper thing but they are HELPING the "sinner".

    Maybe sometimes. I think more often they dont want to be implicated so go tattle tail.

  • TheListener
    How can you be truly "One" in marriage when you have to guard your thoughts and ideas even from your spouse? It is impossible unless you go against the very core of dub teaching.

    Cold Creek Swimmer summed it up pretty well.

    I'm in the situation now of trying to decide where my wife's line in the sand is regarding non-dub thoughts and activities.

    I want to be fully open and honest with my thoughts and actions (like posting here) but I'm nervous that something will cross her imaginary line in the sand and she'll rat me out.

    --how would you explain the difference of talking to a therapist vs. the elders regarding the very same information?

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