Sweet elderly sister reproved...

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  • changeling

    for having too much contact with her DF'd son!

    She's a loyal, long time witness in her seventies, with a "non-believing" husband. She harms nobody with her bevavior. Now she has to hang her head in shame. Disgusting!


  • R.F.

    Such a shame.

    I wonder how they found out how she was have "too much" contact with her son?

  • changeling

    Semi-rural area, everybody knows everybody's business. Bad blood among several family members. You know the drill.

  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Wow! Talk about "strain out the gnat and swallow down the camel"! Christians are urged to love even their enemies, but here it is a mother is chastised for loving her own son. This may be the very son who will take care of her in a time of distress, while the congregation turns a blind eye.

  • nvrgnbk

    That's messed up, changeling.

    Sorry to hear about that.

  • R.F.
    Semi-rural area, everybody knows everybody's business. Bad blood among several family members. You know the drill.

    Ahh, sounds like my area.



    WBT$ splits up familys at any cost..If she gets sick,will the WBT$ be there for her?..Pay her bills?..Buy her groceries?..Mow the lawn?..ECT.....DirtBags!!...OUTLAW

  • changeling

    Actually, the son's a dirt bag. But a mother's love has no limits and nobody should mess with that.

  • journey-on

    My mother spoke often with both my df'd brothers and was NEVER reproved nor counselled. The oldest one who lived three hours away stayed overnight lots of times and remained very close to my mother till her death a few short years ago. She was a strong witness till the day she died and was in that same congregational group for 50 years, but she was very outspoken to anybody (including elders) that Jehovah DID NOT expect a mother who gave birth and raised her children with love to disown them. Without saying it outright, they knew she meant for them to keep their counsel to themselves, she had already spoken to Jehovah about it and He had already told her in her heart what to do.

    More women should be like my Mom was.

    Edited to add: She didn't start off that brave. It took her awhile to determine that it was wrong to shun them. When she prayed about it and came to the conclusion she did, she stood up for what was right in her heart. I was always proud of her for that.

  • IP_SEC

    I went on a shepherding call with the CO once, just before I left.

    She was about 80 and in bad health. We had a very good visit with her. She felt very good about it. After we left, the conversation turned to her DF'd Grandson in the army that she has a lot of contact with. He was upset with me because I didnt mention it before the call. He would have come down on her like a ton of bricks according to him.

    Cant remember his name at the moment. His last Circuit was Chi town IL.

    Im sure glad I forgot to mention her DF'd grandson to him before the visit.

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